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Mexico National Team

Paul asks…

What will you guys do when Rafa Marquez retires from our national team?

I know I will get sad and the national team won’t be the same.
Bonus Q Who will be captain after Rafa Marquez?

Tijuana answers:

A leader, we will lose our leader, one of the best defences ever.

Salcido will be captain.
He is a good leader and one of the best players of Mexico.

Mark asks…

What is your favourite football club, and national team?

My favorite club is fc Barcelona, and my favourite national teams are spain, mexico, and usa. (I know mex & the us???) But yeah they’re my favourite 🙂 what are yours?!

Tijuana answers:

FC Barcelona and Bolton Wanderers
Holland and Spain

Donna asks…

What do you think about Hugo Sanches not selecting Nediy Castillo to the national team?

Castillo was a big reason why they won those last couple of games he started. He is an impact player. Just imagine Nediy and Giovanni leading the attack. Their the future of the Mexican National Team. Blanco, Borgetti, are at the end of their careers. Players like Nediy, Giovanni, Boffo, Bravo and many others are the future.

Tijuana answers:

I think castillo should definetly have been chosen because he scored 4 goals in the copa america as well which helped mexico reach the semi finals hes an awesome player.

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