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Mexico National Team

Mark asks…

How far do you think the US national team will advance in the Confederations Cup?

My Opinon:
Honestly, I don’t think they can make it out of group round. But still I have confidence they can, but Italy and Brazil are really hard to defeat. But if they do, then it will be a giant step forward for the US national team.

Tijuana answers:

Well actually I agree with you kido US may have a great team and beat mexico and everything but when playing on international tournament they dont play good but anything can happen well they are the only one representing the concacaf area hope they make at least out of the group round

Sandra asks…

What caused so many people to dislike the Mexican national team?

So many people here seem to hate the Mexican national team.

Tijuana answers:

Just USA fans, Central Americans, and argentinos. Actually, Mexico is one of the most supported teams in the world. They have the #1 Most sold jersey.And if you look t World Cups, the crowd is always at there side. Look at the 2006 World Cup and the 2005 Confeds cup.

Nancy asks…

Which national team does currently have the most powerful attack?

From among the 32 national teams that will play in the World Cup this year, which one do you believe has the most powerful attack?

Tijuana answers:

1. Holland
2. Spain
3. Mexico
4. Brazil
5. Chile
6. England
7. Argentina
8. Ivory Coast

These teams have proven unstoppable against their competition. Argentina has yet to prove a darn thing against a quality opponent. Chile was only behind Brazil in goals scored during Qualifying. Holland is a sick *ucking team. Mexico is the surprise….their young attackers made England, Holland and Italy look bad… imagine them against France, South Africa and Uruguay.

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