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Mexico National Team

Lizzie asks…

Where can I buy the Guillermo Ochoa Mexico national team jersey?

Where can I buy the Guillermo Ochoa Mexico national team jersey?

The new one

Tijuana answers:

Good question, I’ve been looking for one too, but I have not been able to…

Nancy asks…

How do you play for the Womens Mexico national team?

I am 16 years old and im working on becoming a citizen from Mexico. Now what next do i do to be abe to play on the Womens national team?

Tijuana answers:

Well first: Are you really good? And if you do get invited than you will be noticed through a club, college, or school. You cant just go up and ask to join. And if you are interested in joining soon, you would play for the Mexico National Womens u17, u19, or u22 team. Not the actual team that plays in like the FIFA Cup. You would play in the CONCACAF Cup.

Hope I Helped!(:


Chris asks…

What is one club team and national that irritates you the most and why?

I am irritated by the arrogance of Man U and Real Madrid as well as the English national team‘s whining and lack of spirit… Also irritated by Mexico‘s national team thinking they are good when they never amounted to anything on international scene and have no players in worlds top teams/leagues.

Tijuana answers:

Man U and Portugal because C.Ronaldo is there.

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