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Mexico News

Donald asks…

Did you know that individuals who are illegal are declaring children in Mexico as tax deductions?

Illegals are getting huge tax returns for claiming nieces and nephews as deductions, and they live in Mexico.

News report of the investigation is placed in additional information below.

Tijuana answers:

Wow Paul thanks for that I am going to become an undocumented worker and live high off the hog. Let’s employ them instead of expensive American workers. LOL

Have a great 2012!

Charles asks…

Mexico? Have you read this news?

Hi all,
What do you all think of this news?
Personally i love you guys and love mexico,
but drugs, kidnappings, murder, beheadings, violence, enslavement, extortion, drug trafficking, and human trafficking,.. is a little too much and somebody must do something, and its about time.)

Here is the full report. I saw it on
Wow. I personally agree that the U.S. Media is bullshitting a lot. Ever since the trouble across the border got a little out of hand, the govt. here is going beserk trying to discourage tourism, trade, travel, etc. I hear thousands of false reports too. The reason I posted this article is to ask you this, Why doesn’t the Mexican Govt. doesn’t take any action against this propaganda and also quash the so called drug dealers? and stop every single means of trafficking from down south. Im confused and angry. at nobody doing nothing and reading false news and BS.
P.S. I love this girl in Monterrey and want to marry her. :).
‘why should México solve america’s drug problem? ‘

Because my friend, America can’t and is not going to. As long as there are hypocrites and evil and greed is in power, they aren’t going to do anything.
Who said most drug dealers are Mexican? Its true there is a significant number from Mexico because of their geographic opportunity between Columbia and the U.S,.. but there are others. perhaps just as many here too.

Over here the public has no right to strike, raise their voice or even protest, thats where Mexico is different. You’re people can still stand up against the corruption and have them removed or put in jail. I’m sure, if you do so, both parties may find change and development. (my grandpa was saying mexico and drugs go way back, even to his own childhood, that image has to change.)

Tijuana answers:

It’s just the news going anti-Foreign countries again. This time they picked Mexico :P.

I live in Cancun and I don’t see people getting raped, enslavement, robberies, murder, or crazy out of the ordinary gunmen with Ak-47’s outside of my house.

America is a good business for Mexico. They consume a lot of drugs and all Mexico does is deliver them.

Mex IS taking action against the propaganda. Obama should be coming to Mexico in a few days with the mission to PROVE that Mexico isn’t like the US Media is describing it.

Why doesn’t Mexico take care of the drug dealers? Because the drug dealers give good bribes to both sides, the American and the Mexican.

How come all the drug dealers are Mexican? How come the Cocaine disappears once it crosses the border. WHO RECIEVES IT ON THE OTHER SIDE?

My friend those are the real questions that should be answered. Peace.

Joseph asks…

Current news in Mexico?

Hi in need ideas for an article about Mexico nowadays.
What interesting news is happening in mexico. approximately
5 ideas please.

Tijuana answers:

I live less than 100 miles from the Mexican border and can say that most of the news I’ve been hearing hasn’t been positive. The violence in the city of Juarez has gotten to be so bad that it’s no longer recommended as a tourist destination. The military has declared it off-limits to service personnel. There were some 1600 murders in that city last year. It is due to the escalating drug wars between rival cartels. Now, the latest I’ve heard is that the US State Department has put out a warning to American college students who want to visit that country during spring break. It’s all so sad, really.

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