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Mexico News

Charles asks…

mexico news for tourists?

Tijuana answers:

A boy in mexico glued his hands to a bed so he wouldnt have to go to school. Sorry just saw in on the headlines of the net news…. Y not gogle it good luck enjoy ur trip.x

Robert asks…

why are people dying in mexico 2 much news of people diying ?

i keep seeying news on tv
on people getting killed in mexico
but i dont know why
and how come its not being stopped
or is it?

whats happening over thr
people are just getting killed over thr
my cousin just sayd that she wouldn t go over thr peolple are getting killed just by walking over ther
but she didnt tell me why nor my family so im asking yal

dont answer by saying this

People die everywhere, not just in Mexico!

i know that but it looks more of a mass murder thats why i want to know

Tijuana answers:

Rhino720 has a good answer, You see when D.E.A in the states close the drug route in the atlantic and the caribbean sea that went from Colombia to Florida, Mexico became the place to smuggle drugs into your Country and the story is already like Rhino is saying. President Calderon is making a brave effort to stop them, but obviously they are fighting back, so is getting worst before starts getting better..

Most of the killings happened among people that has something to do in the drug business or people who are fighting drugs and found a revenge from the cartels. Not the common people, I live in Chihuahua Mexico, and i feel safer than in Houston Texas or L.A. Believe me

As for Texan United answered, you should travel more, and believe my words now that your country is on big economic slow down, you will need Mexicans that make trade in your border towns, your answer only tells me your big lack of knowledge about mi nation.

Sandra asks…

Pots for 2010 announced…bad news for Mexico?

1st pot- South Africa, Spain, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Argentina, Brazil, England
2nd pot- Japan, North Korea, South Korea, Australia, MEXICO, Honduras, USA, New Zealand
3rd pot- Paraguay, Chile, Uruguay, Algeria, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Ghana
4th pot- Denmark, France, Slovenia, Slovakia, Portugal, Serbia, Switzerland, Greece

We would have liked to be in a different pot than the Asia nations to have a better chance at having an easier group but it didnt happen. Now i think we may land the “Group of Death” and well I expect Mexico to advance no matter what group theyre in but I would have liked an easy 3 pts against North Korea….O well I guess there is still hope that we get South Africa (well maybe… i think its Honduras that will be in South Africas easy group)

Do you think Mexico will land the group of death?

Tijuana answers:

Bad news for Mexico? I think not, its bad news for who ever draws us in their group. :]

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