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Mexico News

George asks…

Where can I find up to date news of mexico?

I live in the US but I would like to see what is going on in my home city of reynosa tamaulipas but I cant find a good site for that kind of news does anyone know of any?

Tijuana answers:

Why don’t you try the news portal that’s like my reference for Mexico’s news coverage

Charles asks…

Why does TV in Mexico have news and other programs from the BBC instead of the U.S. which is much closer?

Is it because Mexico does not like the U.S. or some kind of licensing deal or what?
I mean when I visited Puerto Vallarta and Cancun – the news programs on TV there were from England, not from the States. Why is that?

Tijuana answers:

This is the FTA (free to air) broadcast I watch in Georgia on PBS-

BBC News For most of the day the channel produces 26 minute bulletins of international news beginning at the top of each hour. Each contain two breaks which are either filled by advertising or by continuing news depending on the region. The programmes at 2300 and 0000 UK time are presented from Washington and London and are rebroadcast via PBS stations in the USA. The 2300 UK time edition is also broadcast on BBC America and CBC Newsworld in Canada.

This is cable in the USA-

The BBC’s wholly owned commercial subsidiary,

BBC Worldwide, also operates several international television channels under BBC branding:

* BBC America

An American cable television channel, co-owned with Discovery Networks, showcasing British television programming.


Here is a separate BBC service just launched-

* BBC World News America Launched on 2nd October 2007, the programme is broadcast at 0000GMT from the BBC’s Washington Studios. The main presenter is Matt Frei with former Washington anchor Katty Kay acting as Washington correspondent. The programme is broadcast on BBC America who provide much of the funding. The editor is Rome Hartman who was previously executive producer at the CBS Evening News.

As to US news broadcasts in Mexico-

I went to school in Mexico after graduating in the USA.

US news programs are available depending on the local stations program agreements, and is available widely.

Cable services carry US news depending on the cable company.

If you stayed in areas which did not carry either, other areas and services do carry them. There is no across the board exclusion of US news throughout Mexico, you just stayed in hotels which did not have them.

More than one cable company may serve the same area and the hotel selects the service they want.

An interesting related point is that news from all of Latin America is carried from Tierra de Fuego to Canada in Spanish, which covers news from all the Americas much more completely than any English language news programing from the US.

Linda asks…

Destination Wedding… in Mexico?

My little sis is engaged and her and her fiance have their hearts set on a destination wedding. We were all thinking how awesome it would be to go to St. Marteen or Hawaii or Italy… but naturally when they consider budgets of the wedding party and everyone they want to invite, Mexico is the cheapest of cheap. Their best quote was appx $6,000 for the wedding, reception for 30 people, and a 10 day honeymoon. You can’t even do it that cheaply in the USA now-a-days.

Now, the drug cartel activity that is going on down there scares me to my wits end. The drug cartels don’t care who they capture or kill as long as they get their money and deliver the drugs without anyone snitching on them. I watch the news 24 hours a day and read every paper and article I can find about worldwide politics and that sort of thing- so I’m very skeptical of supporting this nation in any way shape or form, especially when it endangers myself or my family. My sis is more of the liberal “hug everyone, it will be okay” mentality. I know the odds are slim that anything would happen if we go somewhere very touristy since, so far, the tourist areas have been overall well protected.

But I’ve discussed with a few family members, my parents are especially worried about this choice. My husband isn’t too keen on the idea of vacationing in such a crappy country either. Is there any way we can approach this topic with her- without having her feel we are disappointed in her choice and would prefer to go just about anywhere other than Mexico? I feel like I am raining on her parade by letting her know about all the travel warnings issued by the US government and that sort of thing… but I also don’t think she realizes what is going on in a large portion of that country (which is why everything is so cheap, they’re almost giving away hotel rooms).

Suggestions helpful 🙂
Anne and Raybay- thanks for letting me know I’m not crazy 🙂 Costs are going to be split between the parents and the engaged folk, and my parents wouldn’t ever suggest that they not choose Mexico (even if they think that). I just really don’t understand why you’d go to a depressed country like Mexico, the Dominican (you can’t leave the resorts there), or Jamaica when there’s so many beautiful, safe places in the world… and even in the good ol USA.

Tijuana answers:

I agree you are correct to be cautious. The US Embassy and State Dept just renewed their warnings for travel to Mexico and added several new areas. Just last month there were several hostages taken from a Holiday Inn in Monterrey… Which until a few months ago was considered “safe.” Cancun also had some violence this spring with foreign travelers.

The drug cartels are ruthless and if your sister isn’t aware of what’s going on, she should be. If she still decides to proceed then it will be up to you what your decision is. It sounds like right now she’s going to vote without researching the candidates, which is always a bad decision.

I personally would not sponsor Mexico by my own decision as well, if they can’t control the drug cartels they don’t deserve our money. However, for my little sister it’s not really ‘my’ decision and I’d probably go anyhow… But not make a vacation of it. Just do what you have to do and head home.

Check out the Wall Street Journal, they have quite a bit of information about which areas the cartels cover. I had some friends vacation on the Baja peninsula area just a few months ago who said they had no problems, but they came home early because they just couldn’t stop worrying about the violence and it was ruining their ‘vacation mindset’ – so if you have to go, try not to bring that negative ‘danger is lurking’ mindset

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