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James asks…

news in lincoln,new mexico?

Tijuana answers:

I am sure there is plenty of news in Lincoln New Mexico, I am just not sure of what you are looking for.

Michael asks…

Mexico News. Has anyone heard about that boy that got beaten to death?

My boyfriend said where he lives there was a boy that got killed A bunch of guys beat him & then shot him in the head. And this boy went to school with my boyfriends nephew. He said they didnt have a funeral for him cause they were scared they would go after the family. Has anyone heard about this? And is there a link to website on here? Thank you
I dont know but all I know is that what they did to him was very sad. My boyfriend said they had pictures on the internet but I cant find any info on here at all : (
All I know is that a boy maybe 18 was beaten with sticks & stuff that had nails in it. My bf said the guys that were beating him wanted him to tell them something but he wouldnt & & when they beat him the shot him in the head to make sure he was dead. My boyfriend is from Veracruz so it happened somewhere around there

Tijuana answers:

A boy, beaten to death, in Mexico?

You might need to narrow that down a little as such violent deaths happens several times a week all over Mexico.

Jenny asks…

People of Mexico….?

I have a couple of questions? First of all is or do you think Mexico is poor? Do you hate your government? I think it is poor a little bit but i have never been or seen there but see it on the news. I would like to see your country become as great as America and I am American. Would you be willing to join Mexico to the United States and make Mexico a big state? First of all it would give more living space for Americans and Mexicans and allow money to be pushed into Mexico. If you are poor and hate your government in Mexico why cant you guys just join together and bum rush the government and create your own even if you have to sacrifice some people for a greater cause. If you think Mexico is fine and you dont know what the hell i think i am talking about then tell me some information about Mexico and how living conditions, money, politics are going there. Thank You!
I am sad for Mexico! I love their country and culture and people! I wish all the good families and people of Mexico get what they deserve! I am crying sitting here how lucky i am to be an American! I hate rich people and their ignorance for poor people which has been the same since the beginning of humans. Urghhhhhhhh!

Tijuana answers:

We are divided oh yes we are. I personally disagree completely with some of these guys.
Yeah I hate my government, they have been robbers and idiots, we had a corrupt government for 70 years based in just one politic party, (PRI) reelecting themselves, and was substituted by one of the most stupid presidents in history, of one of the most right-winged parties.
Mexico is poor due to bad decisions, theft and corruption, the NAFTA really injured our farmers, they weren’t able to be the competitors of your farmers, because rural politics here are very forgotten, indigenous people are betrayed every year.
People love mediocrity? Many do but more people are faced every day with the decision of working in whatever they can to eat, or try to go to school and starve to death because they don’t have money to eat.
How can people progress if the state won’t give them decent education? Most of the times no education at all, because ignorant people is easier to control IF THEY WERE MEDIOCRE THEN THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE WOULDN’T RISK THEIR LIVES EVERY YEAR TRYING TO GET TO THE U.S. TO DO THE HARD WORK, even if they are underpaid, it’s better than any work in here if they couldn’t afford going to the university, when you are so poor that if you don’t work a day you don’t eat, then you’ll think about going to college.

One of the richest persons in the world is a Mexican, many mexicans are very Very rich, but many of them have something to do with corruption, monopolies are very common here.

Somebody said we prefer to watch TV than reading books, that the poor are poor because of the education… Yeah, how can you give education to a very malnutritioned kid? Who was conceived by a very malnutritioned woman.
TV Big guys cover the government’s back, selling easy escapes to the poor people with a day to day life. With the form of telenovelas and shitty shows.

Why don’t we join the U.S.A? I can see you mean no offense, but think about it, would you agree if, to save Mexico YOU joined US? Would you become a mexican? Would you salute the mexican flag? It is a matter of nationalism, besides what some of these guys said, people is very patriotic in many ways, we would never accept the idea of becoming part of you.

Bum rush the government?.. That’s a great idea but… You just witnessed how divided we are, most of the rich people agree with the government, because rich people are right-winged, and as long as they don’t get hurt, they don’t care about poor people. Even when the great majority of people is middle to low, and very low class, they lack organisation, education and the money to get guns and everything needed to fight a government controlling the military that will surely get the U.S. Support.
Some people, including me, is thinking that 2010 is going to be an important year, people is getting sick of all of this sh*t of taxes going up etc. You see, mexican Independency war was fought in 1810, the revolutionary war was fought in 1910, do you see a pattern here?

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