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Mexico News

Betty asks…


It’s not an April fool either:

It was coming soon, especially after last night’s lost.

What are your thoughts guys? Eho’s the best replacement?
Yeah, I just got on and I just read about it.

Tijuana answers:

Breaking News? Hahaha like 10 questions related to this, your late son but the intention was good.

Well I was one of the few that wanted Hugo to stay, I wouldn’t mind seeing him back but a really strong rumor is that the new coach is between Javier Aguirre or Frank Rijkaard

Mary asks…

Where do I find the Toas, New Mexico News?

The news of today about an investigation on the Social Services Department in San Luis, Colorado.

Tijuana answers:


Paul asks…

Is Mexico the poorest country while…..?

the richest guy in the world is Mexican?

Is it me, or does this seem like the most backyards thing you ever heard of?

If only people care more about PEOPLE than money!!

READ this article, THEN give your opinion.
You people can’t read!!!
1) the article does not say that people died because they crossed the border!!

2) We all know the man is of Lebanese descent!! But he got in the Media and claimed to be Mexican. Damn!

3) The whole point of the question was to compare the riches of one men with the poorness of the country and the article was just an example of the poorness and despairity.


Tijuana answers:

Mexico is NOT a poor country. The problem there is that the wealth is concentrated in too few hands. The Mexican government could fix that with progressive taxation reform, and new-dealism type spending.

Get a move on, President Calderon.

That article is totally biased. It’s not security along the border that causes migrant deaths. It’s the suckiness of Mexico that causes people to want to get away from it, even risking their lives to do so. If Mexico didn’t suck so much, people would stay there. Too many people in Mexico have the belief that it’s better to be an illegal alien in the USA, than to be a citizen in the country of their origin.

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