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Mexico News

Nancy asks…

major news from mexico in the past year?

Hey everyone, I’m looking for a good article from a respectable souce about an event that has happened in Mexico in the past year. It would be great if it were in spanish, but if not it’s ok. Thanks for your help!

Tijuana answers:

I am not in Mexico or I am not Mexican.

Richard asks…

should america invade mexico?

i heard on the news that obama wanted to invade mexico for drug money is this true. i think the news show was called the cobert repot

Tijuana answers:

Mexico is America. Look at a map. I’ll assume that you meant USA when you wrote America. In that case my answer is no.

Jenny asks…

Is Mexico dangerous right now?

I was going to go to Mexico in two weeks but my cousin showed me some beheadings of cartel people slicing necks with chainsaws and knives. Now im scared because I was taking the bus down there.

Tijuana answers:

Watch Mexico news sometime there is always a blood bath down there.
It is like St Valentines day there over and over.
Chief of police and cops get knocked off all the time if they try to get in the way of drug cartel.
Americans get kidnapped all the time for ransom.

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