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Mexico News

Betty asks…

What do you need or need to do to go to Mexico if you are a born citizen there and just became a U.S citizen?

I have to go to Mexico because of a family emergency but I don’t know if I can go because I just became a citizen of the U.S and don’t have a passport yet but I am a born citizen of Mexico and there was news that if a Mexican born citizen/ U.S made citizen went to Mexico there are no guarantees that you can come back. So what do I do?

Tijuana answers:

This is a good one. Your family emergency and your Green Card, that if you still have, will allow you to fly to and from Mexico. If you have had to surrender your Green Card you will not be able to board a plane destined for a foreign port.
You are in a transition period and they will be tolerant and understanding.
Carry both of your credentials and your explanation and you will be alright.
You certainly can not have both!

Bottom line …you need a passport as an American citizen to fly.
With a Valid Green Card you can fly to and from Mexico.
I dont know where you heard that last statement but once you have American citizenship , you are as American as the rest. You can go to Mexico and not have to worry about coming back.
Idiotic answers are all over this site. To say…you cant get back is a phrase spoken only by idiots.

Steven asks…

Can anyone help me find live mexico news online?

Hii, i need a live news cast from mexico, can anyone tell me the channel? or the website? the news has to be about fires, rain, snow, hurricanes, etc. thank you!

Tijuana answers:


Finding this was as easy.
I just entered “mexico tv news” into the google search engine. Dont be afraid of google it is very easy to use, if you dont get what you are seeking on the first search just try varying the words you plug into the search.
Hope this helps you.

Sharon asks…

Why are college students still going to Mexico for spring break?

The government issued a travel warning that it is unsafe to travel anywhere in Mexico for spring break. So why are college students still planning on going despite the warning? Don’t they care? Are they that stupid?

Tijuana answers:

Our government will do what ever is necessary to keep travel dollars in the US…………watch CNN news if you want to see violent country that’s unsafe in any major city…………its us…………..

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