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Ruth asks…

How does NAFTA influence American businesses to open plants in Mexico instead of in America?

I know that labor is cheap in Mexico, but what does NAFTA have to do with it?

Tijuana answers:

NAFTA means no tariffs have to be paid on the raw materials going one way and the finished goods going the other. Otherwise, the cost of the tariffs would overwhelm the cost advantage of the labor.

On the other hand, there are arguments that NAFTA had little effect:

James asks…

Did you know that individuals who are illegal are declaring children in Mexico as tax deductions?

Illegals are getting huge tax returns for claiming nieces and nephews as deductions, and they live in Mexico.

News report of the investigation is placed in additional information below.

Tijuana answers:

We are better off illegal than to have citizenship.

Linda asks…

Whats going on with these swine flu fatality figures?

Im sure I read about a week ago that there were over 150 fatalities from the swine flu in Mexico. Numerous news sources reported this. Then I just read this:

Mexico‘s health secretary says the number of confirmed swine flu cases has risen to 473, including 19 people who died. The previous confirmed death toll was 16. Jose Angel Cordova is urging citizens not to let their guard down against a virus that has killed 17 people and is spreading across Asia and Europe. Experts warned the virus could mutate and come back with a vengeance”

So which one is it?

Tijuana answers:

The media report everything in the terms that suit selling their services – as alarming as possible.

If you had read/watched/listened CLOSELY there were NO confirmed figures from Mexico.

Of course, it’s possible a distaster is being contained and covered up but more likely institutional incompetence and a ‘good public scare story’ to distract from growing political scandals about expenses and cheating makes good headline …

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