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Mexico News

Donna asks…

Can a citizen of Mexico obtain a visa with the single purpose of purchasing a car and returning to Mexico?

I am a US citizen, and I am living in Mexico. I have a friend that would like to simply purchase a car in the US and return home, since the prices are much higher in the south of Mexico. Is it possible to get a visa for this purpose?

Tijuana answers:

I am not sure if you can obtain a visa just for that purpose, it is hard for Mexican citizens to get Visas period. Remember the law regarding automobiles bought in the US changed recently.

“In a bid to protect their own market for new and used cars, Mexico has changed their import laws regarding used cars. Effective Monday, March 3rd, only cars that are exactly ten years old, no more, and no less, can be legally imported into the country.”

Sandra asks…

What type of leage is it when usa play mexico or another country?

and what site can i get my soccer news, only the pro’s though like world soccer. I watched soccer the other day and kinda liked it, just trying to check it out to see if i like it.

Tijuana answers:

It’s not a league but rather a soccer federation, so when the USA played Mexico it was a FIFA INTERNATIONAL friendly meaning an exhibition. The United States and Mexico our located in the CONCACAF REGION along with the rest of North America.
Go too FIFA.COM also USSOCCER.COM if you want too learn more. FIFA is the organization that runs the WORLD CUP

Charles asks…

What days, times, and ways are the safest way to travel from Monterrey to Saltillo, Mexico?

I have not been to the interior of Mexico in five years. It was a great trip and so safe I walked the streets during the night alone. However, I must now travel to Monterrey and then to Saltillo for business. I normally just hop off the plane and take a bus and/or cab. Is this a safe way to travel this distance or should I book a service to pick me up. Just wondering with all the bad news Mexico is getting lately. Thanks.

Tijuana answers:

Days: Monday to Friday
Time: 09:00 am to 7:00 pm
Use toll road from Monterrey – Saltillo.

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