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Mexico News

David asks…

Is Mexico so short of freshwater that people are now paying for water?

Is this the case everywhere in Mexico or is just for the poor.I saw a program on population by
David Attenborough and they showed people lining up and buying water to wash and feed with.

Tijuana answers:

Mexico seems to be suffering from a number of related issues starting with a drought, a quite large population of very poor and a water infrastructure that is in need of serious updating.
In a temperate climate an average human being need 2-3L of water (just to drink) and Mexico is by no means a temperate region, it is mostly sub-tropical, so you can nearly double those numbers and that is per day.
Mexico has in fact had a series of droughts in the last few years

Thomas asks…

How much oil are wasted each day from the Mexico Gulf Coast Spill?

How much oil are wasted each day from the Mexico Gulf Coast Oil Spill, like since the first day til at least the start of this weekend. I know there are different numbers,but what is the best number of gallons lost each day, Thanks.

Tijuana answers:


Jenny asks…

How can poor Mexico afford to provide satellite trackers to people to help them reach America ?
Illegal immigrants planning to cross the desert and enter the US on foot are to be given hand-held satellite devices by the Mexican authorities to ensure they arrive safely. Those who get lost or fall sick during the dangerous four-day crossing will be able to activate the device, to alert frontier police on both sides of the border. The satellite tracking service will require would-be illegals to register their intentions before setting off — a paradoxical move, given that secrecy is necessary for success — but Mexican authorities are predicting that about 200,000 devices will be handed out when the…
( These Sat-Nav devices are expensive to the tune of several thousand each, and this doesn’t even cover the cost of a down-link service. So who is paying for all of this?)

Tijuana answers:

They always say they are poor and starving ,that’s why they come top the USA for the proverbial better life.I know Mexico is
not a poor nation .We all know that.

“Our intention is to save lives,” said Jaime Obregon, the co-ordinator for the state commission for migrants in Puebla, the Mexican state which is behind the project. “There are lots of people looking to cross and we are working with the US authorities to make sure they do not die on the way.”

Between 20 and 30 migrants succumb to hellish temperatures and insect bites while attempting to cross into Arizona every year. Heat exhaustion sometimes causes short-term memory loss, with trekkers wandering aimlessly into the desert.

The route into Arizona, known as the Sasave Pass, is both the most common and the most dangerous way into the US. According to Mexican state migrant authorities, up to 75,000 attempt the crossing every month, of whom between 50,000 and 60,000 are caught by US border patrols and sent back

Crazy thinking on Mexico’s part,why not make Mexico a better place so they could stay in their own country.just like the millions spent on lobbing the USA congress.Spend it in Mexico on the Mexican people.That’s the way to end the influx of illegal aliens in to my state and my country.

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