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Lisa asks…

How much does an auto factory worker make a week in Mexico? an hourly worker, turning screws or spray painting?

I’ve been told they make $2 an hour. I don’t’ believe that, does anyone really know, how much does that Mexican worker take home in a week? Not the plant engineer or maintenance crew but the hourly worker.I know they make cars in Mexico, I saw them all lined up on the dock when on a cruise. Aren’t we told the reason Business leaves the US is because our worker make too much money and the item can be made outside the US and shipped in, cheaper? How much per hour?

Tijuana answers:


Sharon asks…

How dangerous is it to travel to Mexico by bus right now?

Only answer if you’ve been by bus recently or often go. DONT NEED NO RUDENESS. My family is going by bus (23 hr ride) in a couple of weeks to mexico (Guanajuato) and Im a little hesitant to go because of all the shiz you see on tv. Is it not that dangerous by bus? Is it mostly dangerous by car?
Thanks anyone!
I will be leaving from dallas. Im almost positive that bus goes thru Laredo.

Tijuana answers:

It would help if you had stated where you were going from.
I would not go through Ciudad Juarez if you paid me.
Remember the bus driver wants to live too. Get on a directo, and he will be driving direct and will not stop for passengers on the way.
I would trust the professionalism and the knowledge of locality to the bus driver, rather than me trust a map and my own amateur visual observations.
Remember you will need a passport, you will need FMMs, and if you take your car you will need a permit and Mexican insurance. The FMMs, car permit will be bought at the border, so arrive during the daytime. You will be able to buy the Mexican insurance on most American border areas and on the Mexican border areas, but it will not be true in the small crossings (see why all information is necessary)
If you drive, only drive in the daytime.
Remember most news are blown out of proportion to the realities.

Mandy asks…

Can my ex-husband take our children across the border to Mexico without my permission?

I have joint custody, my ex wants to take them across the border to Mexico, I didn’t give my permission. Divorce decree does not have a specific border clause. My understanding is that he needs a notarized letter from me or proof that he has sole custody (which he does not).
I have joint legal custody. I do not believe it is his intention to take them permanently, I just feel that it is extremely dangerous to go there given the current violent climate.

Tijuana answers:

No, he can not legally do it.

But don’t be too afraid of mexico, homicide rate there (yes even with all the tabloids news) is 10.7, where in places like chicago is 15.7 or st. Luis 21

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