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Mexico News

Michael asks…

How come the mutated swine-flu virus suddenly appears in Mexico ? Was it Bio terrorism?

Was Mexico under a Bio-terrorist attack?

Who is sponsoring all those clandestine laboratories in Cuba with bio-warfare programs?

Many evidences lead to Cuba! The mutated virus was brought from Cuba by some communist terrorists who want to destabilize Mexico‘s economy.
The terrorists delivered the virus in a Mexican pig farm.
The virus was mutated in Cuba’s clandestine warfare research programs laboratories sponsored by narco-terrorists in Florida.

It comes from Cuba!

Tijuana answers:

Governments love crises. Crises offer the chance to sound concerned, look busy and tell us what good care they’re taking of us. And made-up crises are the best of all, because it’s almost impossible to screw them up. I’m just saying the piggy pox is the crisis du jour.

The people who do TV news know what the audiences like by polling, rating and focus-grouping everything to death, they’ve got viewers so thoroughly psychoanalyzed that the art of picking, packaging and pacing news is really more a manipulative science.

The federal government is cracking open its stockpiles of flu-treatment drugs and moving them around the country to combat what Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano has, mercifully, not yet referred to as a pig-caused disaster. (She’s not referring to it as the swine flu, either, because that upsets pork producers. And in this one, rare instance, that is a reference to farmers, not Congress. Nor has Napolitano closed a border, which is good because she probably would close the Canadian one by mistake.)

Flu happens. And it spreads. And, unfortunately, it kills some people. Every year. O_O

Betty asks…

How many people have to die from Mexico’s drug Cartels before we take this seriously in USA?

Watching the news– keep showing David Hartley who was gunned down by a Mexican drug cartel in a Texas Reservoir! How many people have to die before we do anything? What is Obama saying?

Tijuana answers:

A lot more. Nothing.

Steven asks…

What are the pros and cons of immigrants from mexico providing labor today?

What are the pros and cons of immigrants from mexico providing labor today?

Tijuana answers:

They are very hard workers and a lot of US Companies have come to learn they can rely on them to show up to work regardless of the brutal temperatures, very long hours and having to work all weekend.

They work for lower wages and that helps the Companies make huge profits, and that allows them to keep the prices of their products low, and YOU the consumer benefits from this.

By them being allowed to work and live in the US, they pay taxes and are consumers of America. They buy houses, cars, cloths, food, electronics and the list goes on and on. The taxes they pay help Social Security and Medicare, and it guarantees a retirement check for the legal citizens to. The taxes they pay in rent also helps local schools.

They are the answer to solve our Farm Labor Crisis! A lot of them have either been deported or have left the country after the laws went into effect, but the US Citizens aren’t taking these jobs. Why? Because citizens don’t want to do this kind of work. The labor crisis is putting our food supply in danger and we’ll lose control over it if all out produce comes from other countries.

They really do the work most citizens don’t want to do.

CONS: They have raised the work ethics bar really really high, so that angers Citizens because now they have to work even harder in order for them to compete.
Farm Labor Crisis

Report: Illegal immigrants contribute billions to state

If Nevada’s undocumented workers left tomorrow, the state would lose tens of thousands of jobs and billions of dollars, according to the first report to quantify the impact.

The study, from the Houston-based Americans for Immigration Reform, estimates 45,000 jobs would be lost over time and $9.6 billion would no longer circulate through Nevada’s economy each year.

Immigrants add about $37 billion a year to the U.S. Economy, according to one recent estimate, but do the costs of illegal immigration outweigh that benefit?

SAN DIEGO — A special report by NBC 7/39 found much of San Diego’s workforce is made up of both legal and illegal immigrants. They fill jobs experts say U.S. Citizens cannot or will not.

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