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Mexico News

Robert asks…

Why is freight liner,Pepsi co,and Cooper tire building plants in Mexico instead of here in the US ?

Go to mexico news It’s all over it. The US needs to stop them from doing that. It won’t matter if we bail others out if thy let them move to Mexico.

Tijuana answers:

Well the US and our citizens should understand why they would do this. The simple fact is that the US has increasing made it more difficult, costly and loaded the regulation and inspection process to a level that makes us not competitive. The labor unions were a help in the early years, today they are a drag on production (they set production goals that a monkey could do), they take money from their union brothers for really doing nothing but to pay themselves and you will find that they will give in to management for getting something that serves the union rather than the workers. While the labor market in these countries is less, the raw materials still have to go there and back in many cases so it’s not all labor.

Richard asks…

How long will it be before Mexico and US Military are engaged in Hostilities?

SAN DIEGO – Border Patrol agents are firing tear gas and powerful pepper-spray weapons across the border into Mexico to repel what the agency says are an increasing number of attacks by assailants hurling rocks, bottles and bricks. Pasted from Yahoo News, 17 December 2007. Additional information: An estimated 175,000 USA Milita men and women are preparing to defend the USA southern Border from incursions by Mexico. CNN News and Fox News, 17 December 2007.

Tijuana answers:

It won’t happen. Mexico is far too dependent on American jobs and the money flowing into its economy to “fight back”. There may be hot rhetoric, but no military action.

Remember, there’s a difference between those Mexican citizens working legally in the USA and the illegal immigrants who sneak over the border for jobs. The illegals are stealing welfare and health benefits even though they’re performing jobs others don’t want.
What would ANY other nation do in the same circumstance? They would mount guards on their borders to prevent unwanted people from crossing to. Why should the USA be expected to provide the jobs and social benefits for free which only true citizens of another country would have?

No, Mexico won’t do anything. They’re already laughing at the gullible gringos up north.

Lizzie asks…

Why is it that you never see or hear anything about New Mexico?

Like on TV, there are shows with all the other states in them. I never even see anything about New Mexico on the news, good or bad. Why is that? I live in Ireland by the way, maybe it’s different in the US.

Tijuana answers:

Nor do we.

Drug cartels pretty much run areas within southern texas and new mexico right near the border. If you look for alternative media(non mainstream corporate owned) you’ll find a lot of drug and murderous activity, including American border patrol agents, police, and journalists being killed.

Put up news like that and people won’t want to vacation there…

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