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Mexico Soccer

Linda asks…

Where can I find original Adidas Mexico Soccer Socks?

I’ve been looking for Adidas Soccer Socks for Mexican National Team online and in stores but have had no luck with this. Does anybody know where I can find these?

Tijuana answers:

Nope sorry…
If u live in mexico u can buy the whole uniform there…
Thats where i buy mines

Thomas asks…

What do you think about Cuatemoc Blanco not being called for the Mexico Soccer Team?

Cuatemoc Blanco Still Recognised as Mexicos #1 soccer player by 90 percent of the mexican country.

Tijuana answers:

I think it’s a good decision for 2 reasons. (1) He’s 33 years old! There are many more younger players who will have the stamina to play 4 or 5 games (if they make it to the Quarters). (2) He doesn’t get along with the coach (Ricardo La Volpe). That would be a big distraction for the team that they don’t need, in a group where they play 2 underrated teams (Iran & Angola) and one of the most talented teams in the world (Portugal).

Charles asks…

where can i find a really nice mexico soccer tracksuit for woman?? i am i size small?

i am looking for a gift for my older sister and she loves the mexico soccer team..i want a really fitted tracksuit i prefer black thank you so much:)

Tijuana answers:

Try ebay? might have them

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