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Mexico Soccer

William asks…

mexico of the us? (soccer)?

who is better, mexico or the us soccer teams?

Tijuana answers:

Mexico, they have more history, that ain’t saying anything against US teams, but you can’t compare a DC United (in my opinion the best MLS team with little history) to a Chivas De Guadalajara or America, those teams have been around for over a 100 years and a little less. And they both have very rich history. Besides saying that Mexican teams have better players, they usually win the CONCACAF Champions League almost always and they do very good in Libertadores and Sudamericana. America right now is in Semifinals in Libertadores. On the other hand, MLS is a league around 13 years old and really don’t have history. No offense to MLS fans, but MLS won’t get any better by hiring 33 or 35 year old players into the league (and yes, I include Cuauhtemoc), they have youth systems and they need to use them right, and try to get younger European talent if they want to do it right. DC United is the team in MLS with most titles, but they are far from getting close to Mexican teams. Beckham is not the very good player he was since Man U. In Real Madrid, he was a regular and a bench player. He is not as good of a player as everyone seems to think he is. But as for now, Mexico teams are better, MLS teams have a long, long way to go to try to get to Primera Division status.

The point of what I’m saying is that you need history to have a good team, and Mexican teams have a lot of history. That’s what makes them better. And MLS don’t have history, their new to this. Like I said, MLS is doing it’s own thing and that’s something to respect but don’t compare what can’t be compared, look at the CONCACAF Champions League history for yourself, Mexico teams have 24 titles while MLS or NASL teams have 2. No disrespect to MLS though, I don’t mean to offend it. But that’s just how it is.

And to David:
How can you compare Rafa Marquez with Landon Donovan? Come on man, I admit that Donovan is a good player, but look at what Marquez has accomplished and look at where he’s at, go ahead and compare LA Galaxy against FC Barcelona, it’s a no brainer where the talent is at. Not just because Landon plays sometimes against a world class player (Rafa Marquez) does that automatically he’s world class. Come on, you have to be a wonderful player to be in a wonderful team, that’s where Rafa Marquez is, In Barcelona, and Donovan is in LA Galaxy.
And about Freddy Adu and Gio. That’s also something that can’t be compared, Adu is good but look at how people are keeping an eye on Gio. How many teams want him, and he’s sold for 12.5 Million Pounds. That’s coming from people who know football and know what he’s going to develop later on. Again, look at the team he’s in. Barcelona, and look at Adu, Benfica, a UEFA Cup team. I think Adu will be a good player, but time can tell on him, but he won’t be a phenom. Freddy is from Ghana, just for those who don’t know. And Gio looks (to Football People) like he’s gonna be a huge success in football. Like I said, that’s coming from people who know football in Europe, that’s how much they’re going to pay, and they think it’s a steal.

Laura asks…

Why are Argentinians talking smack about Mexico (soccer)?

Everything I see Argentina soccer or someone being interview they say negative stuff about Mexico ,are they JELOUS Mexico is considered #1 Latino nation?

Tijuana answers:

Mexico is definitely number one in North America, but if you’re talking about Latin America they are ranked 4th behind Argentina, Colombia and Ecuador.
So I don’t think they’re jealous or have anything to be jealous about.
I think it’s just a result of a small rivalry they have since they play each other in world cups and copa America and Argentina usually has the upper hand. They eliminated Mexico in the last two world cups and in the copa America semifinal.

Linda asks…

usa vs mexico soccer?

i was wondering if mexico would play against mexico on may 22 in el paso tx. I saw a billboard that said usa vs mexico soccer.
i was wondering if mexico would play usa on may 22 at el paso. I saw a billboard that said mexico vs usa soccer .
i was wondering if mexico would play usa on may 22 at el paso. I saw a billboard that said mexico vs usa soccer .
i found a link to where it promotes the event
i found tickets on ticketmaster

Tijuana answers:

There is going to be a so called “Soccer Showdown” in El Paso, Texas’ Sun Bowl.
Between Mexico and the USA.

Tickets range $40, $30, $20, $13.

This seems interesting because Mexico – USA Games usually get huge media attention…


However… According to the sun bowl’s site, there is no US vs Mexico game scheduled that day

Additionally, I couldn’t find any information on Ticketmaster.

FIFA, the max government of Football has nothing on the game. Http://

I Think it’s just a money making scheme in a game with amateur players from both countries play each other.

It’s not official.

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