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Mexico Soccer

Ruth asks…

mexico vs america soccer?

who do u guy think will win today and y do u thiunk they will win?

i go for mexico cause i am mexican

Tijuana answers:

Mexico man all the way memo ochoa is a realy good golie did you see that penalty he blocked on thursday jeez that guy is a beast

John asks…

mexico soccer?

who wiinning i dont have accress to espn 360 or espn D

who winning Hati or mexico

Tijuana answers:

Mexico is winning…. But they have to score 6 goals to advance

George asks…

El Salvador vs Mexico Soccer?

Ever since I watched the game with my husband and saw how Salvador was throwing bags of water to the Mexico players during the game, I now think really bad of Salvadorian’s, very bad sportsmanship this should not be allowed. Then for El Salvador to send music outside the hotel so the Mexico players cannot sleep and be tired for the game the next day. I AM GLAD MEXICO STILL KICKED THEIR YOU KNOW WHAT even though they had to deal with these disrespectful animals. Someone has to do something about this and disqualify the team or not allow Salvadorian’s to attend the game.

Tijuana answers:

At first i was pissed and thinking we should do the same when they play in Mexico but nah we cant get on their level. We have to be the bigger people and respect them. By doing this they will feel so stupid. Like i said one time El Salvador is like the kid that always wants to fight but always get his you know what beat. So we just have to learn to deal with these people that have very little education. Like the guy from espn said Mexico just cares about the three point ES cares about beating us because its like winning a world cup. I bet the guy that scored on Mexico is running for president and is a national hero lol

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