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Mexico Soccer

Thomas asks…

Mexico Futbol(soccer)?

So whats next for mexico

I heard that this gold cup doesnt really matter

Tijuana answers:

Next Mexico Beats USA in esadio Azteca


Charles asks…

soccer teams?!?! chivas & mexico?

whats the difference between USA chivas && chivas??

name ALL players in MEXICO team && CHIVAS team+their NUMBERS

&& where i can find all there games, scores, team members & bios on them for BOTH teams,

DARE you to name the BEST player on the CHIVAS

im into soccer..just that i knw nothing about the teams and where they come from and who there players are =/

Tijuana answers:

Chivas de guadalajara is the original club founded in 1906 by some belgian guy, it is the team with the most pro era championships in Mexico. The team was owned by an association or promotora in spanish. They were in hardship until Jorge Vergara purchased the team for an ammount. I personally am not aware of the $$$ paid. After a few years later entrepeneur J. Vergara decided to expand and created chivas usa in L.A. To play in the MLS since then he has also purchased the most popular team in Costa Rica which is saprisa. Here is the current roster for Chivas Guadalajara
1 GK Luis Ernesto Michel
3 DF Francisco Javier Rodríguez
4 DF Héctor Reynoso
5 DF Patricio Araujo
6 DF Omar Esparza
7 MF Gonzalo Pineda
8 DF José Antonio Olvera
9 FW Omar Bravo
10 FW Alberto Medina
11 MF Ramón Morales (Captain)
13 MF Sergio Ávila
14 DF José Antonio Patlán
15 FW Jesús Padilla

No. Position Player
16 MF Edgar Solís
17 GK Alfredo Talavera
18 MF Xavier Báez
19 DF Jonny Magallón
20 MF Édgar Mejía
21 FW Sergio Santana
23 FW Antonio Salazar
25 FW Javier Hernández
26 MF Juan Ocampo
27 MF Omar Arellano
28 DF Julio Nava
29 MF Mario De Luna
48 DF Arturo Ledesma
Chivas USA:
2 DF Claudio Suárez (Captain)
3 DF Carlos Llamosa
4 DF Shavar Thomas
5 DF Desmond Brooks
6 Francisco Mendoza
8 FW Jorge Barrera (loan)
9 FW Ante Razov
10 FW Laurent Merlin
11 FW Maykel Galindo
12 FW John Cunliffe
13 DF Jonathan Bornstein
14 FW David Arvizu
15 MF Jesse Marsch
16 MF Sacha Kljestan
17 MF Rodrigo López

No. Position Player
18 GK Brad Guzan
19 FW Jorge Flores
21 DF Jason Hernandez
22 GK Preston Burpo
23 DF Alex Zotinca
24 DF Bobby Burling
25 DF Lawson Vaughn
26 MF Paulo Nagamura
27 DF Eder Robles
28 MF Erasmo Solorzano
30 MF Carlos Borja
32 FW Anthony Hamilton
33 MF Mohammed Sethi
41 GK Justin Myers
77 DF Orlando Perez

out of these I think Omar Bravo is best

Joseph asks…

what is the mexico soccer song?

i was at a Mexico vs. Angola game last week at halftime and they played a song it was kids singing and saying something something (mehico) MEXICO

Tijuana answers:

Mexico mexico verde blanco y rojo pintan mi corazon???

That’s timbiriche. And the song is mexico

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