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Mexico Soccer

Joseph asks…

are mexico national team soccer fans jelly of the usa national teams soccer dream team?

i mean could you just imagine if the usa’s best athletes played soccer?

i think many mexico national team soccer fans are jelly. i was told that its not okay to be jelly

bq:do you think those fans need to be sent to the jelly school to knock the jelly out of them

Tijuana answers:

Mexico would never be CONCACAF champions if the best American athletes played soccer. I could just imagine Giovani being destroyed by a centreback like Troy Polamalu who has superior speed and agility and is way more powerful. The likes of Lebron James playing soccer would be a nightmare for the Mexican defenders. USA would dominate Mexico badly ever world cup qualifier and Gold cup.. Just remember compared to the Lebron James, RG3 and Adrian Peterson, the likes of Giovani, Carlos Vela and Hector Moreno are second class athletes.

@deez remember if they are jelly it means deep down they admire you.

William asks…

Mexico soccer team?

anybody know when Mexico is going to play again?

is Omar Bravo going to play?

Tijuana answers:

Mexico will beat- i mean play- Honduras on August 20

Viva Mexico!!!

Carol asks…

Mexico’s next soccer matches?

when are they as in the dates and who are they going to play against?

who agrees since the game of mexico vs argentina we needed OCHOA!!!

Tijuana answers:

Mexico vs. Jamaica——September 6 (away game)

Mexico vs. Canada——-September 10 (home game)

Mexico vs. Chile (friendly)—-September 24 (in USA)

Mexico vs. Jamaica——-October 11 (home game)

Mexico vs. Canada——–October 15 (away game)

Mexico vs. Honduras——November 19 (away game obviously)

I agree completely that Ochoa deserves to be titular

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