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Mexico Soccer

Mark asks…

mexico soccer?

who winning mexico or peru am watching the us game so i dont know

Tijuana answers:

Mexico 4
peru 0

Paul asks…

Upcoming Year In Mexico Soccer?

So what do you guys want to see in this upcoming year?

I would love for America to come out campeons…Right before The Mundial?

I also want to see Mexico do well in the World Cup?

What about you?

o one more thing I FINALLY BECAME TOP CONTRIBUTOR…a huevo…Y Arriba El America…

Tijuana answers:

I agree with you i also want America to win right before the World Cup i would also like America to make Libertadores and make history by being the first Mexican team to win the Copa i also want Mexico to do good in the World Cup at least make it past the Octavos de Finales i also want Barcelona to win Champions League again
And that’s about it

And Congrats you TOP CONTRIBUTOR

Betty asks…

what team is better mexico or usa in soccer?

Tijuana answers:

Mexico just recently won the Olympic Games and they have also managed to be present in many World Cups so their soccer background is stronger than USA’s.

As all teams, Mexico has had some set backs but in general terms it is a much better team than USA.

There are many Mexican and Latin American players playing in the MLS (Major League Soccer) so that is another interesting fact to take into account as soccer has not been a strong sport like baseball or NFL or even basketball in America. Anyhow, USA is coming along and it is improving but they still have to train and work harder to deserve to be within the world top soccer/football teams.

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