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Mexico Soccer

James asks…

Honduras vs. Mexico soccer game!!!!!?

Ok so how are the chances of Honduras beating Mexico tomorrow or Mexico beating Honduras?? I love soccer and just want to know what to expect from this game and see people’s opinon. Yaaay can’t wait.

Tijuana answers:

First of all it`s Mexico vs honduras not the other way around.
Honduras has no chance to win all of you desperate hopefuls prepare to see honduras lose. And there are many Mexican players who are better than suazo

Edit: @RHCPfanboy, hounduras cheated way more than Mexico, did you see the hondurenian grab Vela when he broke away from him, did you see the legitimate goal by Mexico that wasn`t counted because the dumb@$$ referee called a foul on a HONDURENIAN and finally the houdurenian hand in the penalty area that was not counted. Itshould have been Mexico 3-1 honduras.

Laura asks…

how do i find out when spain plays mexico in soccer?

when do they play eachother

Tijuana answers:

Mexico national team soccer wiki… It has all mexico’s upcoming games and more.

Carol asks…

is the US. V. Mexico soccer game on TV today?

I can’t find the USA v Mexico W.C. qualifier on any tv listings, is it being shown or is it PPV?

Tijuana answers:

Mun2 will be in English and Telemundo will be in Spanish.

Watch USA vs Mexico live and in English, August 12th at 4:00pm EST / 1:00pm PST on mun2.

Play-by-play veteran Phil Schoen and former U.S. National team defender Marcelo Balboa will be calling the action and mun2’s Guad Venegas will host the show. Check back regularly for game results, recaps and highlights.

The United States seeks to continue its dominance over México in a crucial World Cup qualifying match, as El Tri defends its unbeaten streak versus the U.S. At the Azteca Stadium in Mexico City.

Get mun2 in your area?
NBC Universal has made mun2 free for the day of the game, August 12. To get mun2 call your cable, satellite or telco provider.

Enter your zip code
mun2 is available nationwide on DirecTV Mas channel 410 (1-800-817-2599) and Dish Classic Gold 250 or Dish Latino channel 838 (1-888-599-3474).

For DirecTV subscribers, DirecTV will offer mun2 as a free preview on Channel 203 on August 12th 6am through August 13th 6am.

For Dish Network subscribers, Dish Network will offer mun2 as a free preview on Channel 838 on August 12th 6am through August 13th 6am.

Contact your cable, satellite or telco provider today and ask to get mun2 on your channel line up.

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