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Mexico Soccer

Lizzie asks…

what are mexico’s soccer stadiums?

what are and how big are mexicos largest soccer stadiums.

i need it for a project due tomorow

Tijuana answers:

There are 27 in Mexico

Robert asks…

who will win gold Honduras or Mexico? soccer?

Honduras will beat brasil and great britain but can mexico beat senegal?

Tijuana answers:

I have a feeling Honduras will beat Brazil they’re doing good plus they beat Spain. Mexico started of slow but they’re doing better but it’s going to be a hard game with Herrera in the contencion. I think Mexico has it easier they will face the winner of Japan vs Egypt. If Honduras beats Brazil they will face the winner of the Great Britain vs S.Korea. I wouldn’t mind a Concacaf final I actually want both teams to pass to the finals it will make it more interesting considering how Bengston is goleador and Honduras is in better form than the one in the Pre-Olimpico.

John asks…

Who is better USA or Mexico soccer team?

Tijuana answers:

Historically, all time? Mexico.

Mexico have won 29 of 54 all time meetings.

Recently, and in the near future? USA.

USA have won 9 of the last 13 meetings.

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