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Mexico Soccer

Donald asks…

Has the USA over passed Mexico in soccer??

I’m a Mexico fan and it seems like we can’t beat the USA in soccer anymore. Is there something wrong with the Mexican national soccer team or has the USA overpassed us?

Tijuana answers:

Well i’m a us soccer fan….and as much as I would like what you claim to be true it isn’t. USA and mexico pretty much beat each other at our respective home fields…not many people win in mexico though (1 loss in the last 10 years) …and mexico still seems to have more success against the top class of teams….i’d say almost even right now….

Another thing i must say is i feel when you live in a footballing nation (not the US) playing at home is that much more of advantage…

Oh ya and Go USA we’re gettin’ there….

Michael asks…

USA vrs Mexico soccer duel! who does the Mexican Americans support?

i want to know which of these two countries does the mexican americans support when they are engaged in a soccer duel! I would prefer answers from mostly mexican americans and honest answers as such.

Tijuana answers:

That’s an interesting and excellent question, my dear acquaintance. However, sadly there is no definite answer. From personal experiences, growing up in a predominately Mexican neighborhood, most fans happen to be Mexico fans, and most don’t care about the USA. They get their fanatic state from their parents, many of whom were loyal supporters back in Mexico. There are however, always some exceptions, I know some who rather support the USA, for a wide variety of reasons. Here’s an honest way of how I see it

80% Mexico Fans

15% Both, they support both when they play another country but usually tilt for Mexico in US v Mex games

5% Real, Authentic USA Fans, hard to come by but they exist.

Robert asks…

Has Ireland ever beaten Mexico at soccer?

Tijuana answers:

That´s right
here´s the game in 2000 usa cup(2-2):

here in 1996,in usa (0-0):

and in 1994 cup (2-1,Mexico):

besides those games, I don´t know anything else, but why do you want to know?, I´m a mexican girl and I´ve never felt any kind of rivalry and insults between my nation and yours, I like your people, your country and your culture a lot by the way, for me Ireland is the best of Europe and you have the resources to become a foreign power in the world, and soccer wouldn´t be the exception, it´s a shame what the cheating France did to you guys. God bless you and greetings from Mexico.

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