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Mexico Soccer

Carol asks…

Do you think yahoo sports should have a page where they will cover the Soccer League Of Mexico?

I think yahoo should think about adding a page where it cover mexican soccer league scores, news, and more. Mexico soccer is big in the US and they might get more people that watch mexican soccer to view their yahoo sports page! ANd if it does let me know i cant find it.

Tijuana answers:

Yeah, they should !!
Mexican football is really popular, I know a lot of people who watch it outside the US too. I watch it sometimes but I don’t know a lot about it .
Well …At least they have Mexican football section in Y!A 🙂

Nancy asks…

Is it true that Mexico soccer star Cuauhtemoc Blanco died?

Is it true that Mexico soccer star Cuauhtemoc Blanco died of heart failure today? I was perusing through Wikipedia (we all know how reliable that can be….=/ ) reading about the mexican soccer team and I read something that said he died today. Can anyone confirm this? Where can I find more information?

Tijuana answers:

Think it was just rumors.


Robert asks…

Do you guys think Cabanas From America Club is gonna make it?

Famous soccer player from mexico soccer club shot in the head two days ago. He’s in a comma.
What do you guys think who know about this?

Tijuana answers:

Well since doctors are afraid of taking out the bullet,It seem pretty doubtfull that he will play pro again..But that what i think… He might be able to play again but their is alittle bit of percentage he will play like 40% out of 100 %

BUT remember think positive..Think that he will be able to play again!and that he will recover before the World Cup 2010!

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