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Mexico Soccer

John asks…

Is mexico futbol (soccer) team the worst considering?

The worst considering they are a DEVOTED soccer country with a population of 100 million. I know china has 1 billion and usa has 300 million but they are not *soccer* countries. In mexico soccer is the number 1 sport so I was wondering why mexico is not a world power house since countries with much smaller population (uruguay, germany, england holland etc.) are much better and develop world class players for decades. Right now our best player is chicharito but i dont think he is world class *Yet*

Tijuana answers:

At least they won the gold cup!lool

Sandra asks…

How do i put my name on a mexico soccer jersey for fun?

I have practically raped google to find a good site but all the sites are shit. I want to put my first name initial and last name on a Mexico soccer jersey for fun which would probably look like this ex; A. Munoz. a good example is a picture of my friends that he has on facebook but he wont tell me how to do it, this is the link to his facebook

Tijuana answers:


Ruth asks…

I’d like to hear/watch the USA vs. Mexico soccer game tonight in english.?

I’d like to hear/watch the USA vs. Mexico soccer game tonight in english. Is it being shown on the Internet or is there a radio station on the Internet that has it live???

Tijuana answers:

I know it’s on ESPN2….I hope its HD

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