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Mexico Soccer

Jenny asks…

Record for loss and wins in China vs Mexico?

In soccer, the over all wins and loss of both when they versus each other

starting from the very first match they had

anyone knows? or remember? research? I remember that Mexico won the last time

No mexico soccer fanatic please, i know there would be some disses in this
I said that because mexicans tend to be rude, even in the internet….well just the low brained mexicants but not all mexicans

Filipino pride!

Tijuana answers:

Mexico has won all three games that they have played against eachother, these were when the games were played and the score:

Mexico 3 VS. China 2 (March 7, 1987)
Mexico 3 VS. China 0 (November 3, 1993)
Mexico 1 VS. China 0 (April 16, 2008)

Mandy asks…

where can you buy the newest goalie shirt for mexico and its cheap?

ok well i play the goalie for my team. i really like the mexico soccer shirt..(the one ochoa wears). i want to buy it to show it off and have something good to land on when i dive

Tijuana answers:

Homero you can purchase it from Todofut by following this link i have provided their prices are reasonable.

Sharon asks…

When does mexico come play soccer in chicago?

When does mexico soccer team come play soccer in chicago AS OF MARCH 28 2009?

Tijuana answers:

I have no idea when they come here next. The next game here is gonna be US vs Honduras in June

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