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Mexico Soccer

Thomas asks…

whats wrong with the mexican national soccer team?

The reason why the mexico soccer team is not playing good and probably not going to qualify to the world cup is not because of the players its because of the corrupted federation that Controls the team they make so much money form sponsors of the team but instead of investing the money on new talent they pocket the money among themselves.That’s why we don’t have any good strikers or defenders that’s my opinion and i hope that mexico doesn’t qualify to the world cup so that we can get rid of those assholes that run the mexican national team.

Tijuana answers:

Whats with all the penises

Mary asks…

Why do English people watch soccer if it’s so boring?

We couldn’t care less about soccer. It’s already annoying when its on at some bars during that world cup tournament they hosted in England. This is still America so of course they would always change the channel. But it’s annoying that you even have to ask in some places now. If I wanna watch Nascar, baseball or golf then that’s what should be on. This is still America and not Mexico. Soccer is too boring of a sport for us.

Tijuana answers:

Its called football you bell end

Susan asks…

Where does Mexicans hatred for black people come from?

at a mexico soccer game vs usa, when a black usa player went down they all started screaming profanities about his race in spanish. they do this at every soccer game with a black player.

Tijuana answers:

Mexicans are racist in a way that Americans could never grasp.

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