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Mexico Soccer

Chris asks…

What’s the Mexican National Soccer team’s record at the Azteca Stadium?

The US plays Mexico in soccer this Thursday. The game is at the famous Azteca Stadium. I know Mexico has an amazing record there. Can anyone verify what the Mexico‘s soccer team is at this stadium? I’ve heard they have only lost twice there?

Tijuana answers:

Well the record against the US is 22 wins, 0 losses, and 1 tie. The tie was critized a lot because Mexico dominated the game since the game began, and this pretty much cost Bora his position as coach. It was the qualifier to World Cup 1998, Mexico went undefeated that round but Manuel La Puente still took over Bora right before the World Cup.

The over all record is too much to keep track of, but they’ve only lost once in Estadio Azteca against Costa Rica 2-1 after having a 1-0 lead Costa Rica tied in the second half and a last minute goal by Hernan Medford gave Costa Rica the win.

Other teams like Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Chile, and even European teams have fallen short in Estadio Azteca. That’s pretty much all you will hear from everyone else who knows about the stadium’s history. The loss against Costa Rica was nicknamed by the CONCACAF teams as “El Aztecaso” sort of like when Brazil lost that World Cup final at home against Uruguay in Stadium Maracana and that was called “El Maracanaso” same deal.


@ Ticallion – Hey Bro those losses were not from the El Tri they were from lower division like U-20 and U-17. Those records stand separate.

Edit 2: Yhea Bro back in those Mexico was known as the king of friendlies because they would win them all. We would lose in the tournaments against those we beat in friendly games. Those friendlies you talk about are of the lower divisions, that’s why they would play club teams from other countries, that practice no longer applies.

William asks…

What did you think of the US vs Mexico soccer game?

do you think the goal by us should have been counted or not? I personally wanted Mexico to win, but after watching the replay i don’t think that was offsides. you?

Tijuana answers:

It was a shame, but I think offsides was the right call. The game was a good one—4 quality goals, both teams playing really hard but for the most part clean, and probably ending with a fair result. There was even some sportsmanship shown at the end, with players exchanging jerseys and handshakes. Not bad for anybody.

Charles asks…

What do you think about the team of Mexico playing soccer?

I think that mexico does not have anything to show in a game and you?

Tijuana answers:

Yes, but the US was good enough to come away with a win. I wasn’t that impressed with Mexico’s offense, especially in the first half. I don’t think they had one shot on goal for the first 45 plus stoppage. The US didn’t look too hot either, though. And the first goal was just Donovan being smooth with his kick. Mexico got shafted throughout the second half. There’s no excuse for messing up some of those centering shots. Both teams looked a beat soft to me. The US just looked less soft. For today, at least; they’ll choke in the World Cup.

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