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Mexico Soccer

Helen asks…

How can you tell when you buy an original soccer team jersey?

I’m talking about like Chivas, Cruz Azul, Pachuca and all the other team jerseys. The jersey from La Seleccion too.

There are a lot of places where to buy soccer team jerseys but if you really know about products many of them are imitations. They are not originals like the one’s they sell in Mexico‘s soccer institutions. I’m not saying you can’t find them in other places (many stores in Mexico also sell imitations) but only a few are originals. Can you tell the difference?

Tijuana answers:

Just by looking at the material man and all of the mexican jerseys have the fmf logo on the right sleeve and look for the brand of the shirt

Sharon asks…

Which side is playing home in the Mexico v New Zealand soccer game?

I bought tickets for the Mexico v New Zealand soccer game at Invesco field for June 1st and they put me in the home side. Would that be Mexico‘s side? Thank you.

Tijuana answers:

Probably there is always more mexico fans when they play in united states when they dont play against the u.s when they do its kinda even

Maria asks…

where can i find authentic mexico soccer jerseys or gear?

im looking for mexico‘s soccer jersey online but i dnt seem to find them where can i look? thanks

Tijuana answers:

Here’s a link to the official home jersey Mexico will be wearing at the 2010 WC:

They are in Group A with South Africa, Uruguay and France

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