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Mexico Time Zone

Thomas asks…

What should I know about driving I-10 from Florida to California?

I’m driving from Orlando, Florida, to Los Angeles, CA, in April. Does anyone have any tips or best times to travel certain legs? I’ve heard lots of bad stuff about I-10 through Houston. Our itinerary right now has us driving through Houston on a Tuesday morning. What time should we avoid driving there? Should we wait until after 9am to depart our hotel (in Baytown, just East of Houston)?

Also, anywhere we should avoid stopping, beware of speed traps, etc. I’ve heard that all of Arizona and New Mexico are danger zones for out of state drivers.

Any advice greatly appreciated!
El Paso has actually been named the safest city of its size (population 500,000+) in the country for the last three years. The border is extremely secure– and we are stopping there, haha.

Tijuana answers:

LOL IDK what the person above me is talking about haha, there is no law saying police in Louisiana can take cash straight off of you haha that’s the stupidest crap I’ve ever heard in my entire life…. I’ve driven from Jacksonville to San Antonio 3 or 4 times and from my experience cops in Texas and Louisiana are pretty strict on speed and they will pull you over for going 7 to 10 over the speed limit, but most likely you will just get a warning, I’ve been stopped once in Texas and once in Louisiana and all I got were warnings.

As far as driving through Houston, there’s ALWAYS traffic during the day time, only time there isn’t traffic is from like 2AM to 5AM… San Antonio isn’t too bad, there’s a lot of traffic but not nearly as much as Houston.

Also, another thing you should do is when you go through Louisiana you should take I-12 and avoid New Orleans because there is a lot of traffic in New Orleans, I-12 goes over New Orleans and catches I-10 in Baton Rouge

Anything past San Antonio I can’t tell you about because that’s the farthest I’ve ever driven.

Although I’ve never been to El Paso I can use common sense and knowledge that I’ve learned from research to tell you that it’s right across the boarder from Juarez Mexico which is an EXTREMELY high crime area, lot’s of drug runners and murders so I wouldn’t stop in El Paso Texas if I was you lol.

EDIT: Old school again mfer – Get real dude, that article is 16 years old haha and it’s not even a reliable site, it looks like you threw it together yourself in 10 minutes

EDIT: If you wanna stop in El Paso then go ahead but keep this in mind, In fact, the FBI warns against any ranking that compares safety from one city to another because they ignore geographic, demographic factors and cultural, educational, recreational or religious characteristics affecting crime rates.

“These rough rankings provide no insight into the numerous variables that mold crime in a particular town, city, county, state, or region. Consequently, they lead to simplistic or incomplete analyses that often create misleading perceptions, adversely affecting communities and their residents,” FBI spokesman Stephen G. Fischer Jr. Said.

ALSO be aware that traffic fatalities which were caused by drunk driving as well as ALL THE DEATHS RELATED TO DRUG SMUGGLING AND DRUG MURDERS WERE NOT factored in to El Pasos so called safest city ranking.

I mean I really don’t give a dam if you stop there or not, I’m just telling you not to believe biased statistics.

James asks…

What time playing Arsenal vs Sturm Graz, the TV will open? I am from Mexico, I wondered if it will happen in M?

Know whether the game will televised? Because the official twitter Arsenal arsenal says online only, let me know what time schedule is in Mexico and if they pass through television.
10 points and 5 stars.

Tijuana answers:

You really would have to check the TV listing in your area to know for sure.
Same goes for the time, there are different time zones in Mexico.

The match kicks off at 6pm (UK time) so it would be:

12pm (CDT)
11am (MDT)
10am (PDT)

In Mexico depending on your location.

Lisa asks…

What are good places in Mexico to stay?

Is anyplace better than another? Cancun vs Puerto Vallarta vs Acapulco, etc. What are the good resorts to stay at? Any bad ones not to stay at? Any tips on traveling to Mexico would be helpful also. I know not to drink the water and the ice cubes too. We’re looking to go in October, which I know is the tail end of hurricane season. Any info would be great. Thanks.
Beach resorts. Thanks.

Tijuana answers:

It depends on what you want to do and the time you will be staying in the country:

If you want to go to the beach you should go to Cancun. It has the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen. If you are going to Cancun I would recommend you to stay at the Presidente Intercontinental hotel. It has great service, the best beach in Cancun, great pools, very good restaurants, and there are several good places where you can go clubbing nearby.

If you can you should also go to the Riviera Maya. I have only been at some parts of it, and I can tell you that it is extremely beautiful. Some friends have done the whole trip to the Riviera Maya and have told me that is one of the most beautiful and interesting trips they have ever done.

If you want to go to museums and go shopping you should go to Mexico City. The historical parts of the city are beautiful. The places you can visit are the following:

The Centro (the main square of the city): It is where the governmental buildings of Mexico are located. The architecture of the buildings is beautiful because these are from the times of colonization.

Reforma Avenue: It is one of the most beautiful avenues in the world, it can be compared to the ones in Paris.

Anthroplogy Museum: Here you can learn something about the cultures that existed in México before the Spaniards came to colonize. It is quite interesting.

Coyoacan: It is a beautiful colony of the city.

Bellas artes Museum.

There is also a bus for tourists that takes you to the most beautiful parts of the city. I recommend it.

If you have enough time (two weeks or so) you can rent a car and drive from Mexico city to Cancun. I have done this trip and it is amazing. If you consider to do it you should probably do the following (it is what I did).

Rent a car in México city, and from there drive to Veracruz. In there you can stay two days or so. The city is very beautiful and the people is really nice. You should probably go to the Malecon, to the port, and to San Juan de Ulúa, to the acuarium, and also to a very famous café, it is called “café la parroquia”. (there are so many places to go that I can’t remember very well which ones I went).

Then you should continue driving to Villahermosa. Here you can go to Palenque (it is a Mayan city; you can see the pyramids and everything, very interesting, and also very hot if you go on summer). You should also go to the cascades of “Agua azul” (it is really beautiful although not so easy to get there (the road is in the middle of the mountain, a lot of curves, and a little dangerous, but don’t get scared, I survived).

Then you should continue driving to Uxmal (more pyramids). You should check the days and times on which the archeological zone is open. Very nice as well although you should stay only one day.

After that you continue driving to Merida. It is one of the most beautiful cities of México. The buildings are incredible; some houses even look like palaces. The people is very nice and there are lots of things to do there. The food is great also, there are very nice restaurants.

While you stay in Merida you can drive to “Celestun”. It is an ecological reserve, it is very very nice.

Then you can continue driving to Cancun, and maybe also visit the Riviera Maya.

The trip to return will take you about two days. I recommend you to drive first from Cancun to Villahermosa, spend the night there, and then drive to México city the next day.

It is one of the most fantastic travels I have ever made.

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