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Mexico Time Zone

John asks…

Is Mexico done and cured with the swine flu?

My pen pal is going to Mexico in a month she believes, and i was hoping that the swine flue is gone for sure. Is it gone? Is is safe for her to go there?

Tijuana answers:

Mexico ( just as the USA where there are currently more cases ) is still dealing with the Flu.
Although this , Flu is not really strong and the numbre of new cases is decreasing .

If she makes her trip, she will be fine. But she should follow some common sense precautions as washing her hands frequently . ( That she should be carring on if she lives in a zone with Flu ).

Ruth asks…

IF i have one felony warrant in oklahoma and live in new mexico can i be extradited back to oklahoma?

My felony warrant is for Marijauna possession with intent in a school zone. A college to be specific.

Tijuana answers:

Sure, if Oklahoma want to pursue it – and you.

David asks…

how much will a speeding ticket cost in california if i was going 106 in a 70 zone?

I am mexican, living in tijuana mexico, and for that reason the police officer treat me like a crimminal, insulting my country and insulting me, can I do something about that?

Tijuana answers:

I’ll assume this is a serious question. In California, a violation of Vehicle Code section 22348(b), Speeding Over 100 MPH Prohibited, is a 2 point infraction and carries a fine of $825. The officer also has the discretion to charge it as a simple speeding ticket, going more than 26mph over, which carries a fine of $445 including all assessments (However this is unlikely). If the officer believed your driving was also reckless, then that is a violation of CVC 23103, Reckless Driving, a misdemeanor and carries a fine of $629 which can be charged in addition to either speeding charge if the circumstances warranted it. You have to look at your ticket to find this information. With both 23103 and 22348, you’re looking at a total of $1,454.

If you believe the officer treated you unfairly or used racial/ethnic remarks, you have the right to file a complaint with his department. It needs to be detailed and exact, quoting the officer word for word. This will not help your case however, unless he in fact violated the law or department policies.

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