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Mexico Time Zone

Linda asks…

What are some econimic systems in mexico?

Hey guys I’m doing a crossword puzzle on mexico. The space I’m looking for has 11 letter spaces. If ANYONE knows the answer to this please comment! Thank you guys so much!…also if you guys has several different ideas for what it might be comment for them all because I’ve searched everywhere and can’t find it
Thank you guys!

Tijuana answers:

Fideicomiso…A bank trust . For foreigners that want to purchase land in the restricted zone…a multi-million $ circumvention of the Mexican constitution.(1973)

See link
Gasolineras… State owned gas entity…Pemex
May as well throw thus one as well…Importacion.
Here we go with one more …Exportacion.
Last but not least and keepin um smilin ‘Prostitutas”
Tortillaria…a place where tortillas are pressed from masa and sold at street level. Key to Mexican diets and tradition and economic vibrance.
Tequilarias…Where Tequila is made and shipped throughout the world. Enough of that and you will be goin around the world.
Cervezarias…Places where beer is produced and another key economic force and much is consumed and some exported , the rest keep the Porcinliera …busy making toilets and canelas for the beer drinkers. More that 1 000 000 banos keeps them busy.
Bibliotecas…Keeps the book makers working and creates an economic need for the PPapelerias oops I studdered ..If not then the Carpinteria can make mucho furniture for las Casas en Mexico.
Exploracion ..lots of oil reserves in the Gulf although Mexican refineries Faltan and they have to import 40% of refined gas from the U.S.some economic value
Construction…Employs tens of thousands in Mexico
Cementerias…You know what they make!!

Good luck with your project. I had fun with this one.
“Felicidades” ….theres another , nothing to do with economics…means congratulations.

Donna asks…

Can I bring a car to Mexico if the title is not in my name?

I’ll be living in Mexico with an FM3 Visa. The thing is the car I am bringing is a financed car under my mom’s name. I’ve done the research on here and I understand that I need a notarized letter from the bank but can I get a notarized letter from my mom as well, allowing me to bring the car to Mexico?

“Best Answer” to whoever can answer this thoroughly.

Tijuana answers:

NO,you can not take it into Mexico beyond the “Border Zone” You have to be the registered owner to get the vehicle permit.
There are a few exceptions such as rental and corporate vehicles.
Driving while in Mexico? The vehicle owner must be in the vehicle if driven by someone else.

There is ONE way of circumventing the situation and that is to have you put on the title as a co-owner and a notorzed letter from the financial institution for Banjercito and one from the other owner for the bank but your name has to be on the title.
Once in Mexico you will have to visit an INM office when you get an FM3 and they will remove the sticker and attach copies of the vehicle registration to it and that will be the end of it for one year.
A passport is usless to you when you have an FM3 . Most people I know make copies and carry them on their person or inthe glovebox.
You are required to carry your FM3 with you as they could not care less about your passport and you are not ever required to carry it

See the link below

Joseph asks…

What are the best places in Mexico for exchange students?

Im looking for the best places in Mexico for a Canadian student for grade 10 or 11.

Tijuana answers:

Well since you’re Canadian and you’re actually gonna study there i’d go to Ixtapa, Acapulco, Mexico City, Monterey or Morelia Michoacan as there are many English speakers there so you can make friends faster. Howevere Mexico City has the better schools and though there is some level of street crime it’s not a real drug war danger zone, fairly safe.

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