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Mexico Time Zone

Charles asks…

How likely is it that China will invade Mexico?

Under the guise of potecting its investment in the Panama Canal Zone, the troops are sent in to battle the drug czars, and bring peace and tranquility to the countryside.
Is my face red! This AIG thing has me all confused. Not to mention the poor fial episode of BSG! Yes, Chinese troops in Panama by August. Under the guise that the drug wars will spread.
Memo to Big Chief: Well, duh!

Tijuana answers:

Won’t happen and here is why: Obama wants to be re-elected. If the Chinese were to place troops in the Western Hemisphere against the will of the US, Obama would be faced with a choice….stop it, or lose in 2012. It would be easy to stop, as the Chinese don’t have the means to transport their army across the world against the wishes of the USAF or US Navy. If they tried to blackmail us by calling in debt, it would be their own demise: If you extend credit to your customers…but you only have ONE cutomer, you dont cut off your ONLY customer. So, there is nothing in it for the Chinese. They don’t need to put troops in the Western Hemisphere…it gains them nothing. In the short term, they are more likely to finally solve the Taiwan issue with force, knowing that Obama will not oppose them based on his solidarity with Communist regimes.

Betty asks…

Does mexico have any laws about dumping waste in rivers and lakes?

i need this for a paper im writing about the problems that mexico faces and solutions to it…but i just need the answer to ^^^^ that question.

Tijuana answers:


Presently there exist federal regulations on environment protection in Mexico. They are extensive and patterned in good part after the rules applicable in the state of California (U.S.A.). The federal law (General law on Ecological Equilibrium and Environmental Protection) is dated from December 23, 1987 (effective March 1, 1988). Its’ regulatory law is dated June 6, 1988, with changes November 18 and 23 , 1988.

The Federal Government of Mexico, through the Secretariat of the Environment, Natural Resources and Fishing ( Secretaría de Medio Ambiental , Recursos Naturales y Pesca (SEMARNAP) , has sole jurisdiction over those acts that effect two or more states , acts that include hazardous waste, and procedures for the protection and control of acts that can cause environmental damage or serious emergencies to the environment. The Secretariat’s main activities are to make environmental policy and enforce it; assist in urban planning; develop rules and technical standards for the environment; grant (or deny) license, authorizations and permits; decide on environmental impact studies; and grant opinions on and assist the states with their environmental programs. This Secretariat enforces the law, regulations, standards, rulings, programs and limitations issued by it through the National Environment Institute and the Federal Attorney Generalship of Environmental Protection (“PROFEPA”).

The law covers environmental protection, natural resources conservation, environmental impact statements, risk determination, ecological zoning, and sanctions. The air, water, hazardous waste, pollutants, pesticides and toxic substances are covered by this law.

In the initial period of startup and application of this law and its regulations, a lack of experience by the authorities of Mexico and the miss-understanding of employees at plants in Mexico caused difficulties for companies. However, there is a better understanding now.


This institute is to develop, conduct and evaluate environmental policy; issue technical environmental standards and approve environmental impact studies presented by the public and private sectors; grant permits, concessions, licenses, resolutions and other; regulate handling of hazardous waste and materials and resolve appeals submitted to it. This National Environment Institute is also responsible for the design, implementation and assessment of the regulatory framework for both environmental policies and programs.

PROFEPA (Federal Attorney Generalship of Environmental Protection / Procuraduría Federal de Protección de Ambiente”)

This is the enforcement agency of Secretariat of the Environment, Natural Resources and Fishing (SEMARNAP) (the federal head ministry). Profepa is to monitor compliance; investigate claims; conduct inspections and environmental audits; resolve administrative appeals on environmental issues and promote the participation of the public in environmental law creation.

It is also responsible for ensuring strict observance of standards and regulations set by the Institute, as well as those contained in rules and laws enacted by the Mexican Congress. It performs audits and evaluations, imposes fines and other sanctions, it hears public complaints and demands related to insufficient compliance and it is to inform and teach the public of the environmental rules.


There are Regional Delegations of SEMARNAP , and as well there are State Delegations of PROFEPA .

Mandy asks…

What to wear on a 10 hour flight from Scotland to Mexico?

I’m going on my honeymoon in late October so it’s gonna be freezing in Glasgow when I leave and then it’s 3pm in Mexico when we arrive so its gonna be roasting! I want to be comfortable so jeans are a no no and not too keen on flying in dresses or skirts…..also black trousers/linen trousers are not my style! Any suggestions? I’m 27 so something fashionable would be nice! 🙂

Tijuana answers:

Here’s what I wear (and why) on long flights between climate zones:

SHOES suitable for walking long distances, such as oxfords or trainers.
– Airport corridors are long, you may have to stand for a while or hurry, and you’ll be carrying or pulling more than usual, so flip-flops or high heels are a poor idea. Also if the airplane is chilly, you wouldn’t want your feet to be cold. Wear warm socks.

A ROOMY SKIRT, or a dress that hangs loosely from the shoulders.
– If your skirt has patch pockets, you can stash your passport, a bit of money, a paperback book, or some tissues there. When you have to use a tiny airline lavatory, it’s easier to pull a skirt up out of the way than it is to manage trousers without letting them hit the floor. Sitting in trousers for hours feels very constricting after a while.

A KNIT TURTLE-NECK TOP with long sleeves.
– You may think you’ll swelter, but being well covered prevents airplane drafts from bothering you. If you wear a knit vest or a loose sleeveless dress over it, you may even be able to do without a bra, which can become uncomfortably tight. If you do wear a bra, make sure it has no metal underwires, or you’ll get special attention from the airport security people.

A HEAD KERCHIEF that can be folded to cover your ears.
– Here again, it will help with airplane drafts, and you’ll be more comfortable when you doze off.

A WOOL SWEATER or casual jacket, plus a pillowcase or drawstring bag.
– Few airlines provide pillows any more, so you can take off your outerwear and fold it inside your pillow case or bag to make your own pillow.

Will you be flying into Mexico City? It lies at a high altitude, so it will be cooler than you might imagine, especially in autumn. You will be glad to have your sweater or jacket along. Do a little research about the climate where you’re going – you might be surprised at the temperature range.

Pack your nice clothes, and don’t worry too much about fashion on the flight. It’s better to arrive rested and comfortable, rather than miserable and cross. Enjoy your trip!

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