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Mexico Time Zone

George asks…

If another country gave California to Mexico, would that be the same thing as what happened after WWII with?

Would it be the same thing as what happened after WWII, where we gave the area now know as Israel to jewish people. California was once owned by Mexico. Would we just stand back and let that happen?

Tijuana answers:

The history of the Jews in the land of Israel can be traced from the first appearance of the name “Israel” in the historic record, an Egyptian inscription of c.1200 BCE where it refers to an ethnic group apparently located in the northern part of the central highlands between the Mediterranean and the Jordan valley and south of Mount Carmel; the term “land of Israel” is found in the Hebrew bible, in texts dating from the Exilic period at the earliest, and referring there to an unclearly defined territory stretching over much of the southern Levant. Between these two widely-separated periods two kingdoms occupied the highland zone, the kingdom of Israel in the north and, somewhat later to emerge, the kingdom of Judah in the south: Israel was destroyed c.722 BCE, and Judah in 586 BCE.

Jewish identity emerged in the post-586 BCE Exilic and post-Exilic period, and by the Hellenistic period (after 332 BCE) the Jews had become a self-consciously separate community based in Jerusalem. For a time in the 2nd century BCE the Jews succeeded in creating a nominally independent kingdom covering much of the biblical “Land of Israel”, but by the end of the 1st century BCE this was absorbed into the Roman empire. A series of revolts against the Romans led to the forced dispersal of much of the Jewish population, and it was not until the 19th century and the growth of the nationalist Jewish Zionist movement that large-scale migration began the return of large numbers of Jews. This movement culminated in the 20th century with the creation of the present State of Israel, largely within the borders of the biblical “Land of Israel”, although the original core areas, the Iron Age kingdoms of Israel and Judah, are, somewhat ironically, often considered outside the core of present-day Israel.

Robert asks…

Does an American child need a passport to fly from Tijuana within Mexico?

My mother and my 3 brothers are flying out of Tijuana to Jalisco in a week due to an emergency with our paternal grandmother. Our father lives in Mexico with our grandmother. I am a US citizen, as are my two younger brothers. My mother is a Mexican citizen with US residency. However, my 11 year old brother does not have his US passport. My mother attempted to get an emergency passport but was denied since our father couldn’t be present.There is no time for our father to mail a notorized letter. My understanding is that we will need to purchase an FMM form at Tijuana Airport. Will we be turned away or will my brother’s birth certificate, California issued ID and Social Security Card be acceptable? Once in Jalisco, the plan is to go to the nearest consulate with our father and request a passport for my youngest brother.

Tijuana answers:

US citizens can NOT fly out of the border area without an FMM and a Passport is needed to get one. US resisdents can use their Green Cards.
Every foreign citizen needs a Passport or Green Card to fly out of TJ. Even infants are subject to these rules.(by air)
The Free zone is unique and although you do Not need a Passport or Green Card to enter but all foreigners need Passports or GC to leave by air or land.

You Mother BTW can fly all over north America including the Carribe with only her GC

Jenny asks…

How long can I go without wearing a plastic retainer before needing braces again?

I went on vacation to mexico and I forgot to pack my retainers. My Mom shipped them 2 weeks ago but they still haven’t came. I haven’t worn them in 15 days and I’m so worried because I don’t want braces again. I got my braces off about 7 months ago. Someone with experience please answer.

Tijuana answers:

You have worn them for a pretty good amount of time, and it is a bit less of the crytical period now. The first 3-9 months after braces is the suggested time where they say you should be wearing them the most diligently.You muscles, ligiments and bone is pretty well on it’s way to settling, and you are almost out of this critical time zone, so I wouldn’t stress too much. Sounds like they will arrive to you any day now, so just wear them a lot when you get them. If you’ve had any slight shifting, your retainers might feel a bit tight at first, but things will shift back to normal after you start wearing them again. When you get back from vacation, try to schedule an appointment with your orthodontist so he/she can see what’s going on and adjust things if neccessary.

If you need to feel more secure about it, you can always look into a temporary solution to wear while you wait. Something like this might help you out:

Here are some links if you want more info about retainers in general:


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