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Mexico Time Zone

Mary asks…

When does the Gold Cup final between USA and Mexico start?

For central time zone please
and your predictions on how the game will go.

Tijuana answers:

It starts at 8 and Mexico will when with ease.

Lizzie asks…

What is the time difference in mexico if i live in las vegas?

if a friend of mine is visiting mexico and i live in vegas, what is the time difference?

Tijuana answers:

Looks like most of Mexico would be 1 hour ahead of you. Small part of Mexico on the West, like Baja, is the same time zone.

Here take a look:

Happy Holidays

Susan asks…

What car rental companies allow a car from CA into Mexico and back?

I live in CA and want to take a little car trip down to good ol’ Mexico but I need to rent a car. I’ve checked Enterprise and another larger company and they said no. Are there any companies that would be cool with this? I just want to leave San Fran for Mexico and come back in a few days. Any help would rock!

Tijuana answers:

You can take rental cars from certain companies from certain cities in California.

It is allowed with Hertz, but they did not state which cities will allow this.

Avis Mexico Policy

Available at participating locations in:

Burbank, Los Angeles, and San Diego

The vehicle may be driven as far south as the 28th Parallel (the city of Guerrero Negro) in the Baja Peninsula or within the Free Trade Zone. Mexican insurance must be purchased for $30.00/day for car groups A, B, C, D, E, G, F & W and $40.00/day for car groups P & V.

Budget Mexico Policy

If you’re a U.S resident, you may drive a Budget rental car into Mexico only if you purchase Mexican Automobile Liability Insurance at the U.S. Rental location. You cannot purchase this insurance in Mexico. This insurance is available only at specific locations in Texas, Arizona and California.

(Note: Budget and Avis are owned by the same parent company, so it is safe to assume that they have the same allowable pick up locations.)

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