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Mexico Time Zone

Lizzie asks…

Does anyone know about bringing a leased vehicle from the US to Mexico?

I want to bring my leased car from the US into Mexico.
I know I have to get a notarized letter from the leasing company but how easily is this letter obtained?
Do leasing companies readily give out this letter?
I’m a student in Mexico, so I have an FM3 visa and will be living here for 3 years.

Tijuana answers:

If you are going to the Frontier zone only you don’t need anything. When you pass the border they will just waive you through. The frontier zone covers all of the two Baja California states and an area from the border until about 25 miles south of the border in the other border states. At that point there is a check point and they do a through inspection of all your car papers and issue you a permit to enter the rest of the country. That is where you need the letter from the leasing company. That letter is up to the lease company. Maybe they don’t care and will easily grant the letter. On the other hand maybe going into Mexico is prohibited and they will not issue it.

Ken asks…

What time is the Mexico v.s Honduras soccer game on September 9, 2009 going to start?

I live in the central time zone and have no idea what time the game is starting.

Tijuana answers:

Watch on Blog spot

Charles asks…

How long would 5k GBP last on a boating holiday to Mexico?

My boyfriend has 5k and says he’ll stay in Mexico until his money has gone,his return flight home is booked for six months time but said if he’s got enough money then he’ll stay the year so I was wondering realistically how long would 5k each last if they have to pay only for marina fees,food,drink and slightly fixing up his boat?
He’s staying in la Paz gulf of california

Tijuana answers:

It greatly depends on his lifestyle, comfort zone, and habits. . .
Staying (and paying for nightly stays in a Marina can be expensive. If he is staying full time or most every night in a Marina – he is likely to be home in 6 months. On the otherhand, if he is anchoring out most of the time and only staying in a Marina once a week – he could be there a year.

Other factors include what does it take for him to be comfortable? Does he drink and enjoy the bar crowds? Does he smoke? Does he like to fish, and like to eat fish? And of course, “slightly” fixing a boat could drain his cash fast. . .

Living on the water and voyaging in a sailboat – can be quiet cheap if one wants or needs it to be. With a paid for vessel, my son and I can “stay out” sailing, and anchor out in some Paradise Cove, dive for lobsters, and fish. . . And while only buying basic food staples, we can comfortable life a year on $10-12K a year. But frequent stays in a Marina, and visits to local Tiki bars and restaurants can double that expense easily.

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