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Mexico Time Zone

Thomas asks…

What produce will grow in New Mexico?

I am moving to Las Cruces, New Mexico and I would like to start a little bed garden and I was just curious as to what produce would strive in that area. Any suggestions?

Tijuana answers:

When you get there,go to your local nursery and ask. Usually nurseries won’t sell things unless they will grow there. Or go on line and see what grow zone your in and see if what you want to grow will grow there.

Sandy asks…

how old do you have to be to ride a Greyhound Bus to Mexico ?

How old do you have to be to ride a Greyhound Bus to Mexico , not alone . With a parents permission ?

Tijuana answers:

Charlie is correct with the exception of Greyhound buses do not go into Mexico. Greyhound go to all Border towns and their respective Central de Auotobuses. I have taken them in and Out of Mexico. They do Not go beyond the border zone.
I don`t know the Greyhound policies on crossing the border and I can`t find it . You are best to call the 800
number and ask. I know they have a policy. I mean they certainly can`t take a 6 year old and nobody in their right mind would send one without having someone waiting on the Mexican side right where the door opens .

Steven asks…

where are you not allowed to open carry in new mexico?

I know you are allowed to open carry in new mexico but you aren’t allowed to carry in places like schools. I just want a list of places I can’t open carry.

Tijuana answers:


There is currently no list as the the ramifications of the open carry law are still being hashed out, however, currently you cannot carry in a designated school zone and carry on a college campus are regulated at the discretion of the individual college policy.

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