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Mexico Time Zone

Daniel asks…

what region is the dry climate zone in or what region is the great plains in?

i’m doing a project on what it is like in the summer and winter of the dry climate zone. i need the region the dry climate zone is in. my teacher said it has to be a specific place. i picked north dekota cause its in the dry climate zone. any info?

Tijuana answers:

The great plains are in the temperate zone. I am not sure what you are looking for as a “dry climate” zone, but North Dakota has more rainfall than the Great Basin of Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Arizona, and parts of Colorado, Oregon, New Mexico, Washington and Montana. North Dakota is much colder than the great basin states throughout the winters. You can get data on any specific place from NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Michael asks…

what percent of the dead zone inthe gulf of mexico is the non farming population responsible for?

farming has been accused of being the main and only culprits for the dead area in the gulf of mexico from nitrogen fertilizer runoff. nobody ever says a word about how many tons of nitrogen, potash, phosphate, pesticides and herbicides that the millions of homeowners apply to their lawns across the u.s. most homeowners in the city have no idea how much their applying per acre, some of our city friends’ fertilization program consists of is ” well if that amount is good then we will just double it and have twice as beautiful lawn.

Tijuana answers:

Not to mention golf courses

John asks…

Could the gulf of mexico fill up with oil? What will be the ramifications if this continues for months?

its been 15 days and they are saying the gushing oil might not stop for months. i cant even imagine the amount of oil that would be in the gulf….would effects would that have? people won’t be able to go in the gulf of mexico to swim right? what about the impending hurricane season? will it start raining oil if a hurricane comes through and picks up the stuff?

Tijuana answers:

Right now the oil is gushing at 5000 barrels a day. That’s enough to totally trash gulf coast fisheries for decades and ruin the beaches for tourism for this summer. Even a hurricane, though, won’t move the oil above the spray zone. The aftermath of a hurricane coming ashore is bad enough that nobody in the hurricane path will much care about the oil.

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