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Mexico Vacations

Sharon asks…

Mexico Vacation???

Im going to mexico this summer….what city is the best in there? I REALLY WANNA have fun and stuff so please make sure that the place you tell me is very wonderfull…also please tell me if the city is expensive or not and lastly THANKS!!!
Oh and um i will give the best answer soon…..

Tijuana answers:

What do you want to do?

If you want to party, go to the Cancun and Mayan Riviera area. There are lots of clubs and bars to hang out.

If you want a good beach experience in a clean city with a little less people try either Ixtapa or Puerto Vallarta. (The Pacific coast has better surf and REAL beaches – the Caribbean side is more calm and less sandy.)

If you want to chill and relax, try Cozumel. (Near Cancun but different atmosphere.)

If you want a quaint Mexico experience, go to San Miguel Allende. This is a small town in the middle of Mexico that has restored much of its colonial heritage.

Mexico City is OK – but not a tourist city for the most part.

Ken asks…

Mexico Vacation???

i want to go on vacation to Mexico. I have never been there. I want to know the best place to go with the best hotels that are affordable. If someone would just give me an overview of a mexico vacation I would really appriciate it. Im not into the really really crowded places.
I want to be on the beach
I live in West Virginia… No beaches, Not many sites to see and blue ball cold in the winter. I want to go on vacation in January or February. Thats when its the coldest here.

Tijuana answers:

We stayed just South of Cancun and North of Playa Del Carmen in the Riviera Maya. We stayed at the Iberostar Paraiso Del Mar. It is a gorgeous place with lots of activities. It is right on the Gulf of Mexico. They also have nightly entertainment, a disco, and great restaurants. In the last two years, I went there for 14 days and the other time was for 10 days to the same resort.

It is an Apple Vaction and Fun Jet Vacation Hotel. The staff is very friendly, nice rooms, and not one complaint about it. Type into google Iberostar Paraiso Del Mar in Riviera Maya, Mexico and you will be able to see all the great stuff with this resort that is all inclusive.

Also, if you are worried about getting a “bug” from eating the food, that is a risk when you go to any international destination. You can go to the walk-in clinic and let them know the circumstances and they will be able to get you the right pills.

Also, Playa Del Carmen is 30 minutes away which is where all the shopping is. The resort has complimentary tour bus that drops you off and picks you up. The times are really reasonable as well and you never have to worry about getting picked up because the bus will be there.

Have fun! I know you won’t be disappointed with this hotel

Paul asks…

vacation in mexico?

we wish to travel to mexico from dallas in february . Can anyone suggest me a cheap and decent vacation place ? How about Monterrey?
which place in mexico is safe, economical and good for vacation

Tijuana answers:

Monterrey is an industrial city; rich and modern, but not touristic, only “work city”.

From Dallas you could take a flight direct by American Eagle to many cities, avoiding Mexico city (since you want a safe and decent vacation place).

Puerto Vallarta is nice for few days, and is as cheap as you want. Veracruz is also great (the other cost) and VERY different to P. Vallarta.

Or if you want to know some colonial cities, you could find out a tour including Zacatecas, Aguascalientes (or San Luis Potosí), Guanajuato, San Miguel de Allende and Querétaro. All those are very nice and safe cities located in central México, northern to Mexico City. Colonial cities are usually cheaper than beach destinations.

I’m mexican, I know people living in Dallas (from here). I’ve gone there several times to do connections at the wonderfull airport. It is very easy to get here from there. Easier than going to Mexico city.

I have a personal idea:
Fligth from Dallas-Ft Worth to Aguascalientes city. (different and cheap).
At Aguascalientes state you could visit: museums like local history, art, death museum (the only one in the world); El Encino garden, San Marcos garden, some malls, visit some ancient spanish haciendas (Real de acientos, or others) buy textile artcrafts. (1 or 2 days).
From Ags. You can go to Zacatecas city (colonial) and visit ancient ruins (pyramids) of La Quemada. (1 day)
From Ags. You can go to Arandas, at Jalisco state and visit some Tequila factories (1 day).
Move to Guanajuato city (colonial), you can sleep there (1 or 2 days) Many things to see.

Well, I will star my tourism enterprice later. See you here, I hope!

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