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Mexico Vacations

Jenny asks…

Is California more expensive than Mexico for vacation?

Well I’m turning 16 in April and instead of having a party, I really want to go travel somewhere with both of my older cousins.

At first I decided on going to Brazil but my mom said it was too expensive….Then I said Mexico but I’ve changed my mine because I feel like once you’ve been to one Caribbean island, you’ve been to them all. (I’ve been to Jamacia and Dominican Republic and Miami). So I’m seriously thinking about going to California!!!

I’m from New York City and I love my city, but I’ve ALWAYS wanted to go to California! And so do my cousins!

Maybe like staying in a big nice hotel in LA, Beverly Hills or Malibu and to go sight seeing and stuff. We would be there for 4 nights and 5 days. But my mom think it might be too expensive.

Which is more expensive? California or Mexico? And do you think California is a good vacation spot? I want my 16th to be unforgetable 🙂

Tijuana answers:

Mexico is less expensive, but quite dangerous now. Mexico is very different from Jamaica, etc. Many different areas, so much to see and do, love the pyramids, but it is really dangerous now.

In the LA area, a nice hotel in an upscale area may start at $300 (w/ tax) for 2 on the low side discounted rate, but many are $500+ (w/ tax) a night. You might need a larger room (suite) or second room for more people, which adds to the expense quite a bit, so check for a hotel that will allow 3 in one room.

Are your cousins 21+ years old? If not, you will have very limited choices on where you can rent a hotel room, as that is the minimum age for most.

Why not spend your 16th with all your friends, a big party, rather than traveling with your cousins? Isn’t your life with your friends?

Good luck!

Betty asks…

From Germany to Mexico Vacation !!?

Is it expensive for Germans to go to Mexico for vacation ? how much would there plane ticket cost in there currency .. Is German money more then Mexican peso ? Thanks

Tijuana answers:

Mexico is less expensive than Germany.
You need to check your own price for the ticket, because it will be controlled by class service (first class, business class, economy class), how far in advance you will buy, from where you will be traveling and to where you are traveling. All unknowns to everyone except you.
See URLs below for rate of exchange.
If you cannot do these things, suggest you see a travel agent.

Paul asks…

December Vacation. Mexico or Caribbean?

Im 16 and plan to take a short vacation with my 27 year old aunt.. from around december 15th to december 19th and I haven’t exactly decided on a location yet.

Does anyone know any CHEAP place in either the Caribbean or Mexico i could go to from Canada? Where would you go? Any sites i can check prices on?

Tijuana answers:

Mexico, The Dominican Republic and Cuba are your three cheapest bets. All three are very nice. Mexico is probably the nicest out of the three and Cuba is the cheapest. Check out sites such as: or

I just booked a trip to the Mayan Riviera and got the lowest price from redtag. I then went to a flight center
(I’m from Toronto) and they beat the price.

Travel adviser offers pictures on their site from travellers who have been to different resorts so when looking into a particular resort go there to read reviews and see actual vacation pics from people who have been.

Good luck!!

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