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Mexico Vacations

Donald asks…


My friends and i want to travel to NEW MEXICO during winter but i have no idea where to go lol we just want to go skiing, we dont want to spend to much money and we actually wanted to rent a cabin.
ive heard santa fe, ruidoso, and albuquerque are nice places to go to.
can someone guide me please!

thank you!

Tijuana answers:

Taos is the best ski mountain in New Mexico, you can stay in town and drive the 17 miles to the mountain rather than pay resort rates to stay there.
A good day trip to Las Alamos is interesting and their ski mountain is small, but very nice.
Skiing at Santa Fe is also good and not far from town,and the town is great.
You can ski Sandia Peak at Albuquerque too.
This would allow you to stay in economy motels in town and then ride the tram to ski.
You could stay in Red River and day ski there or Taos or Angel Fire.

Susan asks…

Best mexico vacation?

I am looking for some ideas for vacationing in Mexico this Nov/Dec. I have looked into cruises, but wanted to know more about vacationing in Mexico as an option too. Thanks!

Tijuana answers:

Our best vacation in Mexico was a long road trip in 2006 from southern California all the way down to Puerto Vallarta. We broke the trip into several days, went through Arizona, and crossed into Mexico through Nogales. That first day driving in Mexico we stopped in a little town called San Carlos, which is on the Gulf of California coast just before you hit Guaymas. It is a great little town, especially if you like fishing. There are a ton of hotels and motels but if you go all the way out to where the old ClubMed used to be, you will find a series of pretty elegant places for reasonable prices. We stayed in a place called Club Sport (I think) and it was right on the water. There was a jacuzzi and swimming pool right out our sliding door which overlooked the ocean. The room we stayed in had a full kitchen with refrigerator and stove, a beautiful bathroom with shower and bath, two beds and a nice color TV. It was really spacious and quiet – and private. I could have stayed for weeks lounging on their deck overlooking the beach, it was so relaxing. We stayed at other more expensive places later in our trip, like the famous Fiesta Americana in Puerto Vallarta. They were okay – but lacked the peace and quiet of our little hideaway in San Carlos. So if you like road trips, maybe that’s an idea? Just remember to get the mexican insurance because it is mandatory and if you get into a little fender bender (like we did) you will be SO glad you have it.

Best of luck! Mexico is an amazing place to vacation – we can’t wait to go back.

Carol asks…

Mexico Vacation-?

Hey folks

I like to take a one week vacation in December to Mexico with my son ( we live in San Francisco area). I have only been to Mexico very briefly once and I know very little about the country and the good places to visit. I like to visit a few cities which could include some historic places, like San Miguel, and more fun places and beaches. I want to avoid the overcrowded, over-touristy places. I was thinking of Puerta Vallarta. Any suggestions on what a good itinerary could look like. I like to visit a few cities rather than spend a lot of time in one or two areas to really explore them (which I know is the right way to do this, but my son’ travel requirements are different). We are somewhat open for duration – it could be a few days more, if needed.

Thanks much in advance for your suggestions.

Tijuana answers:

You could visit the state of Oaxaca, it has beautiful beaches and a wonderful culture. The only problem now is that there are some huge problems in Oaxaca and the State has becomed restless and unsafe for now. This problem might be over by December and you could visit then:
-Puerto Escondido
-Salina Cruz
-Puerto Angelito

— In the City of Oaxaca (State’s capital) you can visit:

– Monte Alban (amazing pyramids)
– Iglesia de Santo Domingo (really beautiful Church and there is also a museum which is really worth visiting too)
– Iglesia de la Soledad

— A bit away from the capital, just hop on a bus and you can go to:
– El arbol del Tule (one of the biggest and oldest trees in the world, the local kids will gladly show you all the famous figures in the tree for a small tip)
– Mitla
– Hierve el Agua
– San Bartolo Coyotepec (Black pottery, Oaxaca is the State where it originated from, really beautiful)
If you only have one week and don’t mind not going to the beach you can visit the State of San Luis Potosi and neighboring cities:

You can spend a day or so in the city of San Luis Potosi (State capital) and then travel to “La Huasteca Potosina” where you can camp, visit some great waterfalls, swim, dive in “La Media Luna”, hike and rapell down “El Sotano de las Golondrinas”, visit some ancient ruins built in the jungle. Afterwards you can travel north to visit “Real De Catorce” (where the movie “The Mexican” was filmed) a trully magical town.
Tons of different things to do in this beautiful state,…
(Click on “ENTER” on the bottom right side)
Another great thing about SLP is its location, there are many different cities to visit that are just 2hrs away (driving) like Guanajuato, San Miguel de Allende, Queretaro, Zacatecas, Aguascalientes… So you can visit for the day and drive back to SLP to spend the night.
While in San Luis Potosi don’t miss the chance to try the “Enchiladas Potosinas”, “Tamales Huastecos”, “zacahuil”, “tunas” (a cactus fruit).

There are also many great Cities/States to visit like Puebla, Zacatecas, Jalisco, Veracruz, Oaxaca, Chiapas, and Yucatan (among others) Almost everywhere you go in Mexico you will find tourists, Mexico has great beaches but there are many other great places to visit besides them.

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