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Mexico Vacations

Lisa asks…

Why would anyone go to mexico for vacation?

I have always wondered why. I mean even if you don’t get attacked (which is a chance you are taking in a country literally run by drug cartels) just by visiting you are supporting this corrupt government with your tourism money. I just don’t get it. Is there something I’m missing about mexico that makes going there worth all that?

Tijuana answers:

It’s safe to say that of the 192-200+ countries in the world (depending upon who’s counting) Mexico is well above average for safety despite what you read/hear in the media. In any city/area of any country there are places to avoid. Mexico has such places, but it also has warm, wonderful people, beautiful scenery and architecture, etc.

If I avoided injustice I’d never leave home (literally…my HOUSE); it’s omnipresent from drugs to child labor/slavery, brutal laws, blood diamond financing, … Examples ad infinitum. You’re not only missing something about Mexico, you’re missing something about reality. The world can be both wonderful and terrible and what matters is how we tread it. So, if you go to Mexico, don’t buy drugs, but do buy from local merchants (who often support large families), tip service people well and walk softly. RJ

Maria asks…

Vacation Mexico Locations?

I want to take my family on a vacation to Mexico, out of these locations which are the: cheapest; most expensive; best for family; prettiest; best over-all. I have a family of five and want to keep the trip fairly cheap as i can without sacrificing a great experience, i want to be at a hotel on the beach where my family can relax and enjoy the weather, so please fill me in on what is the best for me based on what i’m looking for. Thank you

Cabo San Lucas
Mexico City
Puerto Vallarta

Tijuana answers:

Hi, I live in Mexico and I have did a little traveling. From the ones above I would say that cabo, cancun, and cozumel have to be the most expensive, any high popular area with tourist are going to be expensive. I am from Monterrey, and it is a great place to live, not boring, but it is not a beach area and not so much for kids. It is a city like New York or Dallas, a lot of night life and bars. I know all the places you listed above are areas that american citizens travel, but other hot vacation spots that are economic and on the beach are Mazatlan, Tampico, and Veracruz. Do not get me wrong this places are beautiful, and wonderful vacation spots, nothing you will be disappointed in, it just they are not as popular. Go to and check that out

George asks…

Best Mexico vacation spot?

Hey guys,

I’m looking to spend a vacation somewhere nice in Mexico. Anyone has recommendations for the best 4 star all inclusive resorts out there?


Tijuana answers:

Since México is such a beautiful and big country, it has many different places to visit.
If you want beach destination you can choose the west coast which has PUERTO VALLARTA and NUEVO VALLARTA as the most visited places. You can stay in the Holliday Inn or Embarcadero Pacífico Resorts, which are not very expansive and the service is very good.
If you want to visit “Ciudades Coloniales” I recommend Guanajuato, Guadalajara, Oaxaca.
If you are a kind of mystich or religious tourist you’d better visit El Popocatépetl y el Iztaccíhuatl wich are precious snowed volcanoes and the IGLESIAS like “La Villa” which is the temple of the Virgin of Guadalupe and the arquelogical ruins of the MAYA in Yucatán, The ZAPOTECA in Oaxaca, the TOLTECA in Hidalgo, the GUACHIMONTONES in Jalisco and Uff!, so many places you can visit.
I hope you enjoy your trip and love México as much as I do.

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