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Mexico Vacations

Mark asks…

Would you plan a vacation in Mexico now?

Given all of the violence reported in the news lately?
Would you plan a Mexico vacation at all?
This is NOT a cruise question.
Land vacations only!!

Tijuana answers:

I would plan a vacation in Mexico as quickly as I would plan one for Afghanistan. In fact, I would go to Afghanistan faster than I would to Mexico. At least there I would have U.S. Troops to help protect me. Why anyone would consider Mexico is a mystery to me. To save a couple of bucks you would risk your life and the life of loved one’s? I guess so if your and their life is that cheap. There are plenty of safe places to go. Mexico is not one of them. What ever you do , good luck.

Joseph asks…

Mexico or Spain vacation?

I have a question, I see online people from USA trying to decide between going either to Spain or Mexico..shouldn’t Spain be more compared to Italy or France? I mean Spain is in Europe, Spain has castles, european monuments, northern Spain is celtic and green, Barcelona is gothic, Madrid is Royal…Why are people comparing Mexico with going to Spain? The culture and History is as far apart as deciding between England and India. Yes, the british once colonized Inidia, but how can you compare such clashes in culture? So I am just wondering why people in the United States compare Mexico in the Americas with Spain in Europe? weird.
No. 1, Paella is a Valencian dish from Spain. Pizza is also offered around the world…it is still Italian.

Tijuana answers:

Us Mexicans are descendants from the SPANISH! Which you people that compare us Mexico with Spain don’t have any Spanish blood!

Regarding Northern Spain – Celtic? We in Jalisco, Mexico are the direct descendants of those Celtic Spanish! Jalisco’s old name was “Nuevo Galicia” named after Galicia, Spain. Also our Saint that is nearby called, “El Santo Nino De Atocha has the same image as “St. James” of Santiago De Compostela of Spain.

Regarding Jalisco (old name Nuevo Galicia)…..we have a number of hidden villages, ranchos and haciendas in the mountains of Jalisco. And there are A LOT OF PEOPLE with GREEN EYES in our area! And it probably comes from the past of Celtic Spain. Here is the video to prove it:

And this Mexican woman with green eyes won the beauty pageant for a town in Jalisco, Mexico called, “Lagos De Morelos” and her name is Regina Gallardo. A lot of people in our area in Mexico has that kind of Green Eyes:

William asks…

how to enjoy Mexico vacation?

Guys, I am going for a Mexico vacation. Wish me luck and tell me how can I enjoy there

Tijuana answers:

Hey, I also went to Mexico last year and had a blast. And tell you about enjoyment, just visit

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