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Mexico Vacations

Steven asks…

Taking puppy to Mexico for Vacation?

Ok so we recently got a 7 week german shepherd puppy and were going on vacation to Mexico but im having trouble finding out what we need in order to take him over the border and what else we need to bring him back with us. we asked our vet and he said we need a travel certificate or something like that but is there anyone who’s had experience with this and knows what else we need?
Please help me. (:

Tijuana answers:

You need an international health certificate and a shot record. I am not sure if a puppy that young can go…since he is too young for a rabies shot. You would need to call the nearest consulate and ask…and probably not get a straight answer. If you do take him, also ask the vet to write a net on the health form stating that the dog has been checked for parasites and has none, This is a new requirement. More is required to take a dog into Mexico than to bring one into the U.S. Sometimes they do not ask for the papers, other times they do. To bring the pup back into the US, he must have had a rabies vaccine or be quarantined until 30 days after the vaccine is 3 months of age…so you would have a big problem there. Looks like you need a puppy sitter.

Paul asks…

Is it Mexico vacation or Mexican vacation?

I would like to learn the correct way to refer to things, but I don’t know what this is called…grammatically speaking. I grew up hearing Canadian geese, but I’m told it’s Canada geese. Is it an American eagle or America eagle? Peru earthquake or Peruvian earthquake? I’m so confused.
How can I learn more about these rules so I will know how to use the correct verbage?

Tijuana answers:

Mexico Vacation
American Eagle
Peru earthquake

i think im right.

Joseph asks…

North Central New Mexico vacation?


We are looking for a vacation destination(s) in N. Central New Mexico for a family get together next late May/early June. We will have a large RV, so would like to know about scenic/beautiful sites to park and adventure out from.

(One family lives in Las Vegas and the other in Dallas, so this seems a logical middle meeting-point)

Tijuana answers:


Try the above site will help you find a campground, in the area you want.

Good Luck and Happy New Year

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