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Mexico Vacations

Richard asks…

If you are a marine, can you travel to Mexico for vacation?

I am planning a family vacation in Mazatlan, Mexico this year. My cousin is a marine and I am not sure if he is able to travel to Mexico for vacation because of the drug cartel war going on right now. Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you

Tijuana answers:

It does`nt matter what he does for a living but he certainly Can Not go in uniform of course.
Mazatlan is a tourist town and has Not seen much violence and none against tourists.

Linda asks…

Can a Chinese resident that is in the United States for college with a visa travel to Mexico for a vacation?

I have a roommate that is from China but she came to the U.S. to go to college. Can she travel to Mexico on vacation for 5 days? If so, does she need any special documents or anything?

Tijuana answers:

Passport holders of the Special Administrative Regions of Hong Kong and Macao are exempt from the visa requirement to Mexico; citizen of mainland China require a visa to get to Mexico. The U.S: visa does not count in Mexico, only U.S. Permanent Residents (Green Card holders) are visa-waived regardless of their citizenship.
Http:// ..
Scroll down on the attached link to find the nearest Mexican consulate to apply for the visa.
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Carol asks…

What is the fee per minute for calling a cell phone in mexico?

I have a friend who went to mexico on vacation and she has at&t here in the states for her cell phone. I also have at&t.

She took her phone with her to mexico and I can call her. Does anyone know what the fee per minute is for calling her when shes in mexico?

Tijuana answers:

And you couldn’t just look at AT&T’s website that gives you this information on a fricking silver platter?


Frick’s frig, man.

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