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Mexico Vacations

Mark asks…

How long is the drive from Matamoros Tamaulipas to Aguascalientes Mexico?

Me, my husband and a friend want to go to Aguascalientes Mexico for vacations… We have never driven over there….. Only to Matamoros tamaulipas across the border. And we really want to know how many hours you have to drive. thanks for your help…..

Tijuana answers:

LiveMaps says it’s:
632.0 mi, 11 hr 46 min

Click the link below.

Sandy asks…

At 18 can I legally go to mexico without parents permission?

Yeah Im 17 at the moment goin to be 18 next december and I want to go to mexico for vacations. Can I do this without my parents permission? Oh yeah Im leaving from LAX or tijuana’s airport. What If I decided to go by land is it verry expensive?

Tijuana answers:

Yes, you can go to Mexico without your parents’ permission. At the age of 18 you are an adult.

I traveled across Mexico by land and it was a blast! It’s not too expensive, but the bus fares don’t start getting really cheap until you are in Southern Mexico or in rural areas. It also depends on the quality of the bus you want to take. There are de lujo (deluxe) buses, first-class buses and regular buses. All have different comfort levels and the de lujo buses are just as expensive as Greyhound (sometimes more!).

Depending on the reason for your trip, the amount of time you have and what kind of travel you enjoy, you might be better off just catching a flight to a nice place in Mexico and enjoy a week of vacationing before returning home. Land travel is better for long trips with time to explore!

Daniel asks…

How to dial to the US while in mexico and using my american cellphone?

Im going to be in mexico for vacation, and i want to use my cellphone while in there . but I just need to know how to dial to the US using my cellphone. do i just dial 1+10digit number or is it 001+10digit number. I already have the international plan thingy on the phone. Also im using a gophone.

Tijuana answers:

You are right, dial 001+10 digit number. If you have a plus (+) key you can dial +1 then the 10 digit number as the plus signifies 00 for American phones.

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