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Mexico Vacations

Carol asks…

I have a relative who is a resident of the USA, born in Mexico. How will the passport laws apply to her?

Do they apply to her? She is currently in Mexico on vacation. Will she be able to get back into the country?
When will she required to present her Mexican Passport, one of the reasons shes there is to apply for one.
Sources would be great.
Shes legal of course. She only travels by land by the way and is their a date when the passport will be required, she is coming back around the beginning by february and I dont think she will receive her passport by then.

Tijuana answers:

She will have to present her MEXICAN passport and her green card to come back into the States. Since she is only a resident and not a citizen she can not apply for an American passport.

Cada vez que uno viaja se presenta el pasaporte en el punto de salida de tu pais y en el de entrada del pais que visitas.

En el caso de tu pariente ella tendra que presentar su pasaporte mexicano, ya que no tiene derecho a uno norteamericano, en el aeropuerto al checar para abordar el avion o en el cruce fronterizo si viene por tierra.

A passport and visa have always been required for Mexican nationals.

I thought you could get your mexican passport in a day or two. At least that’s how it was last time I did it in Mexico City.

Also I’ve had to renew my Mexican passport while being in Canada and the US as well. While in Canada because I was so far away from the nearest Mexican Consulate it took about two weeks, proces done by mail. In the US I just went one morning to the Mexican Consulate and by same day evening I had my passport.

I doubt it will take months…

Steven asks…

Can i use wifi to make a call to the us from mexico when i go on vacation?

So i’m going to mexico on vacation and i was wondering if i could use my wifi enabled blackberry to make a call or send/receive texts via wifi connectivity? Does any one know if I can do that? I’ve used wifi to make a call when there wasn’t any service at my sisters house but i don’t know if it’ll work in mexico?

Tijuana answers:

Yes, you should be able to do this. You can usually find free wifi in the lobby of nice hotels. If you are looking for more free public wifi hotspots you can also check @ the free wifi wiki:

Of course if you are not on a shoestring budget and staying at those nice places you are likely to get free wifi anyways.

Either way — happy travels~!

Susan asks…

Can one be arrested entering Mexico for an arrest warrant from Florida?

I unfrtunatly have a drug posetion charge in Florida, I am now in egypt and am taking family to Mexico on vacation, can I be arrested entering Mexico ?

Tijuana answers:

Stop being such a coward. You do the crime but are too scared to face the charges? What a wimp. And yes. Like the first poster stated, you will still be caught and found and put into custody regardless where you’re at.

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