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Mexico Vacations

Maria asks…

Is it safe to go to Mexico with the swine flu pandemic?

I am going to Cancun, Mexico for vacation on July 11th. Can someone please give me an honest answer to what you think. I have read many, many articles about the swine flu pandemic but they all have different answers. Does anyone know FOR SURE if it is safe??
I am not scared to get swine flu, but my mom is getting a little uneasy about it..
Thank you everyone!! :]

Tijuana answers:

You’ll be fine, just make sure that you wash your hands often WITH WATER AND SOAP..not purrel and make sure the hotel you stay in is sanitary, dont drink there water and everything will be good

mexico is a very nice place and the swine flu has decreased greatlyy.
Have fun =]

Michael asks…

Can you buy prepared baby food similar to Gerber in Mexico, and is it safe?

I am heading to Mexico on vacation with my 8 month old daughter, and am hoping to not have to pack 2 weeks worth of baby food!

Tijuana answers:

I don’t know about Mexico but I just got back from Peru and most of the commercial baby food there, both jars and baby cereal boxes, was packed with sugar. I did find some imported Beech Nut jars at a chi chi grocery store over there but it cost almost $2 per jar (which is a lot for Peruvians). I was regretting not bringing more jarred food from home.

Nancy asks…

How much is an Xbox 360 or a Ps3 game or a game console (of either) in mexico?

im going to mexico for vacation and was wondering how much videogames and stuff like that is?

Tijuana answers:

New games for both consoles can reach up to $80. Electronic devices are usually more expensive in Mexico.

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